We’ll be on a flight back to San Francisco this evening after spending a few days in the Dallas area, visiting family. Yesterday we had a real Texas time — we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and watched the longhorn cattle drive, ate some BBQ and drank a couple Lone Star beers at Billy Bob’s.

On our way to the Stockyards we made a brief rest stop at the area that includes Six Flags, The Ballpark at Arlington (or whatever they’re calling it now) and the home of the Cowboys. Or, as they call it here, Jerry World.

The 49ers will play here in Week 1, and as much as it kills a Northern California boy like myself to say this, AT&T Stadium is damned impressive. It’s bigger than the Superdome, covered in windows, and I didn’t see a photo of the Cowboys owner anywhere.

That didn’t stop my wife and cousin from hatching a scheme that would melt the saran wrap that Jerry Jones calls a face. How about we get a photo where our Pomeranian, Elle (yes, we brought our dog), relieves herself in front of the stadium?

Well, that’s a rootin’-tootin’ idea!

It took some coaxing, as she was more interested in following the camera than my wife’s instructions to “go potty.” After a few minutes of wandering around and panting due to the 93-degree heat (plus humidity), she christened Cowboys Stadium.

Elle pees Dallas Cowboys Stadium

It may look like she’s sitting down here, but trust us — that’s her “urination sensation” pose. I’ve never been more proud of this dog.