That tweet by Jerry Rice was posted at 8:52 pm PST on Saturday, and stayed on his feed well into Sunday. Based on language, the tweet didn’t sound like something Rice would ever press “send” on, but maybe Randy Moss saying he was “the greatest receiver to ever do it” before the Super Bowl and all the Calvin Johnson chatter over the past week sent Rice over the edge …

Yep, hacked. Generally an explanation like this occurs less than 20 hours after the hacked content hits the world wide interwebs, but better late than never.

Rice is the best receiver ever — yes, better than Johnson — but someone with 400,000+ followers needs to be a little more careful. If you’re pissed off at someone on Twitter, count your millions. Swim in a pond of gold bullion like Scrooge McDuck, if that helps. Find out Moss’ phone number and text him a photo of all four Super Bowl rings (and your middle finger, if you’re feeling saucy).

If Rice was indeed hacked, it probably happened because he did one of three things:

  1. Left his phone unattended.
  2. Allowed someone else to tweet for him (a lot of athletes do this for sponsored tweets).
  3. Picked some stupid, totally obvious password (like “Flash80”).

Rice’s off-color remark was out of character to the point of ridiculousness, especially for someone who’s always in the public eye. So … chances are he was hacked (wink wink). For a look at his P.C. response to Moss’ G.O.A.T. claim, check out this video: