“Ha ha, very funny,” was the general response I received. “Go back to your mother’s basement, basement boy,” was implied.


49ers McLeod Bethel-Thompson

McLeod “McBLT” Bethel-Thompson

This tells us two things.

First, Chris Mortensen is definitely the go-to guy for Brady Quinn news. Congrats to Mort for that.

Second, McLeod Bethel-Thompson might not be the last No. 3 quarterback the 49ers pick up this season. Most people figured the 49ers would go with Scott Tolzien in that role, until he was released in favor of B.J. Daniels. Then Daniels was jettisoned in favor of John Skelton, who spent just over a week with the 49ers before Jim Harbaugh pounced on McBLT after he was released by the Vikings.

There’s a chance that Harbaugh likes Bethel-Thompson more than Quinn, and only made a pass (if you believe everything you read on the Internet, something Harbaugh doesn’t recommend doing) because Quinn was available and McBLT was under contract with Minnesota. But Harbaugh keeps changing his mind in regards to who he wants behind Colin Kaepernick and Colt McCoy, and if the Seahawks were also interested in Quinn …