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Unlike Seattle fans, Jim Harbaugh LOVES Colin Kaepernick’s latest commercial

Jim Harbaugh Beats Colin KaepernickJim Harbaugh was in a great mood today, especially relative to his usual Friday demeanor. The team as a whole seems loose/confident/relaxed, really any word you want to think of that’s the opposite of nervous/scared/worried. Harbaugh started off with a little quip about why the 49ers aren’t and won’t be road-weary, even this weekend when they play their fourth straight game away from home.

“A, I would say that you don’t strive to be fresh, you strive to be hardened and a callous built up,” Harbaugh said.

“B, the travel, they’ve got this brand new invention that’s made it really good for us … called the AIRPLANE. It’s out, you’re there, you’re back. Wonderful invention.”

A little later I asked Harbaugh about Carlos Rogers, who yesterday on KNBR said he’d definitely be playing and expected to be the team’s nickel cornerback. I asked Harbaugh if that was still the case after Friday afternoon’s practice.

“It’s a very good possibility,” Harbaugh said. “He seemed to have a pep in his step.”

Rogers sounded confident again today that he’d play, but was listed as “questionable” on the injury report for the third straight week. There’s a chance that the sudden “recovery” for Rogers, who was limited in practice all week, as was Will Tukuafu — is nothing more than a little gamesmanship from the 49ers. As for Seattle, Percy Harvin isn’t going to play but apparently Pete Carroll said Harvin would practice next week. That’s right, next week.

Harbaugh loves a good “toe-tapper”

There was a question about a racehorse named Harbaugh that made the 49ers head coach smile (“He likes being underestimated. He’ll use that as long as he can,” said Harbaugh of his namesake). But the real silliness occurred at the end of today’s presser, when the 49ers PR Director Bob Lange called an end to Harbaugh’s session so they could get Colin Kaepernick up to the podium.

“Colin? We’ve got Colin? You guys love that commercial with Colin? The headphones, the Beats? I love it. I absolutely love it,” said Harbaugh, who explained why.

“Because it’s very true. You’re thinking about the game, you’re riding in on the bus. You’re riding in, the fans are all out there and sometimes they’re the way that they are in the video. And the song is such a toe-tapper. I get the chills on that one. I’m going to get some Beats by Dre. I am sold! That commercial has sold me,” he said while pounding the podium for emphasis.

Here’s the commercial Harbaugh is referring to, which he probably mentioned just to stick it to Seattle fans (who don’t particularly care for that spot too much).
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