Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick 49ers OTAs 2012Jim Harbaugh was predictably mum about several topics of interest during his meeting with the media today. He had little to say about whatever, if any, discipline would come down on C.J. Spillman and Michael Thomas for their skirmish in practice Tuesday. He had no comment on Colin Kaepernick’s latest appearance on the cover of GQ Magazine. He wouldn’t comment on when cornerback Eric Wright would join the team.

But when it came to some more introspective stuff, Harbaugh opened up a bit.

The foray into the coach’s mind began when Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle told Harbaugh some of the 49ers players say he and Kaepernick were “almost twins” in terms of their football personality. Harbaugh’s reaction to the question drew a good laugh from the crowd, but then he opened up about an aspect of his team preparation we’ve yet to learn about.

Question: A couple of Colin’s teammates have said that in terms of football personality, such as the game, practices, that you and Colin are almost twins. Do you agree with that?

Harbaugh: Twins? I’ll take that as a compliment. He is A-plus-plus in all those areas — his physical, his mental preparation. There’s definitely something that really drives him to be great, to be successful. I … we hand out a goal packet every year. Guys list their individual goals and their team goals. So just for fun I went back and looked at his goals from last year, and it was darn-near verbatim what he achieved. You know, there’s something special there in terms of what drives him. He lives in one of those worlds where he’s motivated for success and for achievement. He’s not satisfied, no matter how good it is. There’s people that come along like that.

Question: Does that ability to see what he can do and then make it happen remind you of how you saw the game at one time?

Harbaugh: I don’t want to get into comparisons to him and myself. I’ve said it before, sometimes I dream about football. That’s how I look in some of those dreams: the way he plays.

It’s always fun to get a look into the personality of Harbaugh, and this was a rare opportunity to do it. The coach can be terse in all his media dealings, but occasionally he shares a unique tidbit.

Here we got two: The goal packets he hands out to his players are an interesting yet not-all-too-surprising coaching tactic. The comments regarding his football dreams were really entertaining. It also reminded me of his stint as a member of Twitter (well-documented here by Peter Hartlaub) and this tweet in particular:

Jim Harbaugh tweets his dreams

When Kaepernick was asked about his goals list later, he said he accomplished “everything except number three.”

Was number three winning the Super Bowl?