Jim Harbaugh seemed pretty cheerful for a guy who recently watched his team lose by 11 points on the road. Then again, it’s just preseason. Based on his comments during today’s pre-practice media session, Harbaugh doesn’t seem to put too much stock in what the scoreboard says in August.

“The thing we got to keep striving for is zero defects when it comes to turnovers, mental errors, penalty. That’s striving for perfection. Zero defects in those areas. Things that are very correctable. Get the feeling that we’re a well-oiled machine, that’s what we want to accomplish in these next couple of weeks before we get to our opener,” Harbaugh said when asked about his thoughts on Saturday night’s game.

“The thing about preseason is it’s so very important, the day that you’re in. That two or three days later, what happened then is of much less significance.”

Translation: preseason losses mean about as much as uniform changes to a team’s future chance of success, maybe less.

Here are some notes from the rest of Harbaugh’s press conference, plus a bit of standup (unintentional) comedy from the 49ers head coach.

— “Brandon for the opener is possible,” Harbaugh said. “Again, we’ll just have to see how the treatment goes, how the body responds.”

Not much was said about the status of either Brandon Jacobs or LaMichael James.

“We were real accurate with that after the ballgame. That assessment was accurate in both cases.”

Here was that assessment, courtesy of CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco.

“He’s going to miss a little time,” Harbaugh said of Jacobs’ injury, following the 49ers’ 20-9 loss to the Texans at Reliant Stadium.

“I don’t think it’s anything . . . the ACL is good. The patella is good. It’ll be some time, but we’ll see. It’s not the you-don’t-come-back-from variety.”

Jacobs, who is being envisioned as the 49ers’ short-yardage back, was injured at the end of an 8-yard run. It was his only offensive snap of the game.

James, a second-round draft pick from Oregon, sustained his left ankle injury late in the game. X-rays were negative, Harbaugh indicated.

“Things look good, X-ray-wise, and it’s calming down for him,” Harbaugh said.

— Brandon Jacobs was seen getting out of the passenger seat of his car at the 49ers’ facility. He didn’t put any weight on his left leg, and needed crutches.

— Harbaugh sounded pretty happy about DeMarcus Dobbs’ performance on Saturday.

“Good, really good. Really came out well. Some things to clean up, but really did some good things. Physical on all the coverage units that he was on. He did a nice job both offensively and defensively. Very encouraging with the way Dobbs is approaching this and preparing himself for each of these games,” Harbaugh said.

Matt Barrows (Sac Bee): “He does such a good job of pressuring the quarterback. Do you need to get him regular snaps doing that during the regular season?”

“Yeah, heck yeah. Heck yeah. He’s coming along real nice. I anticipate using him in the regular season in that regard,” Harbaugh said. “He’s got the license and the ability to be a very good pass rusher.”

— “Per instruction,” Harbaugh said he wouldn’t speak on the replacement officials: “What seems like a big deal Saturday night, here Monday is not a very big deal.”

Harbaugh tries out stand-up routine

I included the transcript underneath, but before reading it I highly recommend you watch this video. Harbaugh provided some humor during today’s session, but sort of like a “you had to be there” moment, this is one you have to see to fully appreciate.

Grant Cohn (Press Democrat): Will you gameplan more for the third preseason game than you did for the previous two?

Harbaugh: Maybe. Maybe. Maybe a little more, maybe exactly the same. It’ll be pretty close to what we’ve done for the last two. That’s the actual answer, yeah. Might be just a little more, but maybe, maybe exactly the same as the first two. I’m not trying to be funny, either.”

Mark Purdy (SJ Mercury News): Less? How about less? Any less?

Harbaugh: I don’t think it will be any less.