Yesterday would’ve been the perfect day for Fox to put together a montage of Jim Harbaugh’s televised moments, as they were both plentiful and great. Thankfully, my wife spent the afternoon learning how to make .GIFs, and she stayed up through the night grabbing all the best moments from the 49ers’ 31-17 win over the Titans.

I already used her .GIF of Alex Boone headbutting Colin Kaepernick while helmetless (Kap was wearing a helmet at the time, and had a pretty hilarious reaction to Boone’s craziness). In this post we’ll check out a ton of great Harbaugh moments she found.


CONTEST: Pick your favorite Harbaugh .GIF in the comments and you are eligible to win a Large Pizza (any toppings) from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria! I’ll throw in a “Who’s Got it Better Than Us?” koozie, too. Good luck!


1. Harbaugh patdown

I’d actually prefer this kind of treatment when entering Candlestick Park over the metal detector wand. On second thought, maybe that’s going a little too far …

2. Harbaugh grimace

He seemed to have this facial expression going throughout most of the first half:

3. Pensive Harbaugh

He makes this same look every morning when choosing which outfit to wear:

4. We all have our vices

Harbaugh looks so scholarly here, then …

5. Harbaugh celebrates (two-parter)

“Should I be happy? No? Yes? Sweeeeet.”

If you want to piss off a Seahawks fan, send him or her the following .GIF via email every day for a month. Just be prepared to receive a .GIF of Pete Carroll chewing gum in retaliation.

6. Harbaugh disagrees with non-call

Ray McDonald looks totally non-plussed. He’s seen Harbaugh like this before (about 100 times).

7. Harbaugh: keeper of the peace

Notice how Harbaugh took action the moment he saw Bernard Pollard’s left hand reach for Joe Staley’s neck. Afterward it took five minutes to extricate Harbaugh’s arm from Pollard’s armpit.

Remember, let us know your favorite Harbaugh .GIF from yesterday’s game and you could win a free pie from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria (and a koozie). Winner will be announced on Wednesday.