Jim Harbaugh has been on television fairly often in his life. That’ll happen to a guy who plays quarterback at Michigan and for 14 seasons in the NFL. Throw in a handful of years as head coach at a Pac-12 school and an NFL coaching tenure that could last longer than his career as a player, and we’re talking about someone who’ll log as many TV minutes as a lead actor in a soap opera like Days of Our Lives.

Considering Harbaugh’s wacky taste in television programs and the three appearances he has made on non-football programs, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that he’s looking forward to an upcoming appearance on Days. The first appearance was a cameo on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. The second was on The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (one of my mom’s favorite shows back in the day). The third, which aired this week, was as an observer during an episode of one of Harbaugh’s favorite shows: Judge Judy.

After Tuesday’s practice, Harbaugh talked about watching his favorite TV judge adJudycate, alongside his dad, who sat next to Jim in the front row during an episode about roommates with benefits arguing over something or other. Sorry, I haven’t watched the show and I’ve seen all of Harbaugh’s outstanding facial expressions. That’s probably enough. Here’s Harbaugh talkin’ Judge Judy:

Here’s the full Judy transcript:

Were you happy with how the case of the roommates with benefits was adjudicated on Judge Judy?

“I’ve never seen her adjudicate one improperly. She is so smart. She is so good. I can sit there and watch those cases all day. I really could. It’s fun to watch just somebody that does their job well. And I could watch Judge Judy do cases all day. I could watch people play football that do their job really well. People that direct traffic. I get a real kick out of watching people that are good at directing traffic do it. I’ve done it for hours, watched it. But, I like football the most. But, Judge Judy’s right up there. I love watching her do her job. She’s just the best.”

Did you get to meet with her after the show?

“Yes. Before and after. Had a nice lunch with her, my dad and myself and [Bailiff Petri Hawkins] ‘Byrd’. If you watch the show, you know who Byrd is. And some of the other people, producers, etc. That was great. Played some cards with her. She won. No surprise there. And then after the show also visited.”

When did you film the show?

“A month and a half ago.”

Is she a football fan?

“It’s interesting. She said she hasn’t been a big football fan. Her father was a dentist. And used to warn against Judy’s kids playing football because he saw a lot of kids come in with teeth kicked in. So, she didn’t let her kids play football.”

Where was this, in LA? Or, where did you guys go?

“She’s from New York.”

I know, but the show?

“Yes. It was filmed in Los Angeles.”

Is she coming up for a game?

“We’re going to invite her. We’re definitely going to invite her.”

Did you talk about football? Did she watch the Super Bowl? Did she have any football questions?

“No, we were doing most of the questioning. We were asking her stuff. But, we had a good talk about sports and different places, her career, her family, her husband, her life. Me and my dad were really interested.”

Harbaugh’s taste in television isn’t limited to Screech-led sitcoms or “reality” judge shows. He also claims to be “the No. 1 fan of The Rockford Files and used to tweet about 24 (back when he was on Twitter), once posting that he was contemplating a name change to Jim HarBauer.