Jim Harbaugh Frank GoreJim Harbaugh never did his standard Monday press conference, as the 49ers were getting situated in London and I’m pretty sure none of the beat writers had even left Nashville yet by noon PST. So this morning’s “Jim Harbaugh Show” on KNBR was the first we’d heard from him since after Sunday’s 31-17 win over the Titans, and he had a lot to say.

On Frank Gore:

“The more I get to know Frank I just love him so much. He’s a mystic, a mystical type of guy. He’s got a spiritual connection. He sees more than most of us do. He’s a very deep guy. Very special person. Love him to death,” Harbaugh said.

“He’s one of those guys that’s very inspirational through his actions and what he says, but mostly what he does. He’s one of those guys that can see things. Point them out. He’s got a great mind for football, but just as a person in general. He’s very special … He’s got a connection there. His spirit. And I sense it.”

I’ve compared Gore to Yoda in the past, and based on Harbaugh’s description that doesn’t seem too far off. Rush for many yards, he does.

Jim Harbaugh San Francisco 49ersOn getting in between Joe Staley and Bernard Pollard:

“It was good. It was good to be in the fray. Felt good. Got stepped on, got cleated in the foot. That felt good, too. Had to walk that off, though. It felt good to get cleated again. It’s been over a decade since I got stepped on and got cleated,” said Harbaugh, who talked about what he gained from the experience.

“Live-giving energy. Being in the fray, getting jostled around … don’t quite have the leg strength that I once had. I was getting moved more than I was moving. Just another reminder. You stare in the mirror, it’s not the same reflection you saw in my south quad college dormitory.”

You can check out a .GIF of that “fray” and many other amazing Harbaugh .GIFs here (choose your favorite in the comments and you can win a free thin crust pizza from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria).

On Aldon Smith:

“In the overarching scheme of things, hopeful for Aldon personally. I think he’s on track. I know he’s treating one day at a time and that’s how we’re looking at it, too. Make today as good as possible. Hopeful that we’ll see him soon. Don’t know when that’ll be. I’m not the authority for when that’ll be. I’m not the spokesman for when that’ll be. Just speaking as his coach and his teammate and the way the rest of the team and coaches, players feel. We’re in his corner. We support him, and we miss him. Hopefully we’ll see him soon.”

On the 49ers as tourists:

“We’ll go to Buckingham Palace and mess with the guards a little bit. We’ll go see Big Ben — can you just imagine 70 football players jump out of the bus, snap some photos, back in the bus. It’ll be like one of those European Vacation movies. Chevy Chase!” Harbaugh exclaimed.

“I’m going to be Clark Griswold.”