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Jim Harbaugh & players face questions about Levi’s Stadium grass; LaMichael James tweets an analogy of sorts

Knowing LaMichael James like we do, there’s no way this tweet is about football (fields).

Even if he is referring to the grass at Levi’s Stadium, which is in the process of getting replaced before Sunday’s game against the Chargers, can you blame him? Everyone is getting tired of dealing with this issue, and that includes the head coach.

Transcript via Tim Kawakami, who also had some interesting thoughts on the lack of public response from the front office on this issue.


-Q: What’s your understanding of what’s going on with the field today? Will it be ready for the game on Sunday?

-HARBAUGH: My understanding is yes. What’s going on is a new grass field’s being put down and it’ll be ready for Sunday.

-Q: What were your concerns that led you to shut down practice a couple days ago?

-HARBAUGH: Just felt like there was too much slipping going on. As it relates to the field, the action’s been taken.

We’re re-fitting, re-grouping, re-tooling and the new field is going in.

Our organization, we can count on them to always do things at the highest level. And that’s what’s in process now. And look forward to playing the game on Sunday.

-Q: Did you have concerns about the field before last Sunday’s game… or during it?

-HARBAUGH: There was… I thought it was better on Sunday. I thought it was better on Sunday.

(Laughs.) There’s really nothing more to say about it.

-Q: Has anybody told you why it was worse during Wednesday’s practice?

-HARBAUGH: Uh, no Matt. And as far as guiding into this and peeling back the onion… what for? We are getting a new field in. It’ll be there for Sunday. It’ll be very good for this week and our organization will always do things at the highest level.

-Q: Is there any concern that, if they couldn’t get it right the first time they might not be able to get it right this time?

-HARBAUGH: We’re re-grouping, re-tooling. What more can I say about it? We can count on our organization to always do things at the highest level.

I mean, it’s that simple.

-Q: Will this impact how you manage your starters in this game–maybe play them less because you’re not sure about the field?

-HARBAUGH: No. I’m sure the field’s going to be good and playable.

-Q: Will the field come up after Sunday’s game (and a new one put down)?

-HARBAUGH: That’s what I have been told, yeah. That it’ll be going to a more permanent solution. They’re making it right, what can I tell you?

-Q: Are you a grass expert?

-HARBAUGH: I am not.

-Q: How do you like talking for the organization about grass?

-HARBAUGH: I think I’ve done well. (Laughs.) I think I’ve handled your questions honestly and accurately and we’re going to make it right. It’ll be right. We have total confidence in that. What more is there to whittle away at here?


Here’s how the field looked earlier this morning:

The pattern looks kind of like Oklahoma, which is … something.

At least they’re watering the dirt/sand.

Welcome to the NFL, Bruce.

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