Jim Harbaugh’s wife, Sarah, called into a radio show recently to let the world know that she has done her best to convince her husband that he shouldn’t wear a sweatshirt tucked into pleated khakis.

We knew a question about Harbaugh’s attire was coming at some point during today’s press conference, and I was kind of surprised it took until the very end. Harbaugh’s response showed that he was ready to get peppered with pants-related queries, and he even wore a pair of flat-front Dickies instead of the $8 pleated whatever-they-were trousers he purchased at Walmart.

“They made quite a bit of sport of me. Problem solved there. The Levi’s and the Nike and the Dickie makes a flat khaki. So, happy wife, happy wife. As far as tucking in the shirt though, if I’m the last person that tucks in their shirt, that’d be great. I’d be an innovator,” said Harbaugh, who splurged on the pants he wore today.

“These Dickies cost $23. They were on sale that day.”

Based on the video I shot, it looks like his wife may need to send him back to the Dickies store. There’s a ink stain at the bottom of the side pocket, where he was carrying a black or blue pen. In right front pocket above, he had two red pens. A coach can never have enough pens, especially if you add in the red Sharpie he usually wears around his neck.