LaMichael James 49ers

One day after LaMichael James was listed as a healthy yet “inactive” player, Jim Harbaugh gave him a good old fashioned vote of confidence.

“His development has been fine. He’ll be back playing,” Harbaugh said during Monday’s press conference. “We’ve had a situation where we’ve dressed three running backs on certain games and in certain games we’ve dressed four. We definitely look at LaMichael as a backup running back, like a ‘2.’”

The 49ers thought of James as a “2” last year … after Kendall Hunter partially tore his Achilles against the Saints. With Hunter healthy, James still holds value for the 49ers in case Hunter or Frank Gore miss time. It’s almost like the 49ers consider James to be …

“I know the talk about insurance and etc. That’s no slight to LaMichael. LaMichael’s a very good player and he is a very valuable member of our team.  There’s going to come a time like last year when he was fully in the mix and depended on. That time will come again. He’s doing a good job. He wants to play, wants to be contributing and when he is dressed he is contributing and doing that,” Harbaugh said.

And just in case it wasn’t clear to anyone following this team that Harbaugh stays abreast of any and all media coverage about his team, he knows all about that deleted tweet from a couple weeks back.

“I saw that get some play and some banter,” said Harbaugh, who alluded to discussing the situation with James. “We always communicate and have conversations every day with guys. Just to let LaMichael know he’s a valued guy around here and has a big role for our football team.”

As for James, he’s still active on Twitter. Just remember, he doesn’t tweet about the 49ers.