Jim Harbaugh as a wide receiverAt the end of Jim Harbaugh’s interview yesterday on 95.7 The Game, Ric Bucher told Harbaugh that his press conferences were the most entertaining in the NFL, which brought this response from the 49ers’ head coach:

“Really? It’s amazing you say that, because everybody else says a lot of the opposite. Like, ‘It’s hard to watch you at those press conferences.’ My wife is like, ‘You should smile more.’ People are like, ‘You look so angry.’

None of that’s true. I feel like I get a bum rap. I’m just, we’re just serious about winning. We’re just focused on doing a good job and not screwing things up and maybe that sometimes that comes off as edgy or angry, but it’s not. It’s just serious about winning and serious about football. And none of us take ourselves seriously. We just take the game seriously. Most of the time people comment the other way, ‘You look uneasy up there.'”

To prove his point that he can make press conferences fun, here are some of my moments caught on video.

In the video above, Harbaugh explains how slipping and falling while practicing a fake field goal play can be a “teachable moment.”

Here, Grant Cohn asks whether the 49ers will gameplan more for the team’s third preseason game in 2012. Hilarity ensues!

Who can forget “the sticks and stones school”?

“I take great offense that you call it a necklace. It’s a whistle.”

“Poundin’ the meat. Grinding the meat.”

“I don’t know where you’ve got the impression that I don’t enjoy talking to the media and fans … Why did you scoff?”