Here I was, all excited after watching the 49ers and Packers on NFL Replay and picking up stuff that the Fox broadcast didn’t show, and then all that gets steamrolled by a viral YouTube video. But not just any video, this one features “a bad lipreading” that is so, so good.

Some things to look out for:

  • Joe Staley being a bad influence on Colin Kaepernick (0:15)
  • Jim Harbaugh demanding dessert from officials in a voice reminiscent of Randall from the honey badger video (0:28)
  • All the clips that feature Tom Brady or Pete Carroll
  • Pretty much everything else

Since we’re here, my favorite parts from tonight’s NFL Replay were…

— How obvious it was that Kaepernick was nervous early, as he started out 1-for-5 with the interception (and the completion on his first pass to Crabtree wasn’t all that great of a pass, either). Then he completed that touch pass to Frank Gore down the sideline (Kap seems to love throwing while running to his left), and was outstanding the rest of the way. Russell Wilson started out his first playoff game with the jitters, too.

— “Way to keep your composure, cuz.” – What Randy Moss said to Michael Crabtree on the sideline after Crabtree’s first touchdown reception.

Patrick Willis was mic’d up, and his remark about being “the worst blocker in America” after Tarell Brown’s interception and his incredulous reaction to Kaepernick’s speed after his 56-yard touchdown run (“Hey that boy’s fast, man. Like, he’s really, really fast for real, ain’t he?”) were amusing.

— Funny how Packers linebacker Jamari Lattimore yelled “Ain’t got time with this! Catch that ball!” on the sideline after Jeremy Ross muffed that punt. Compare that to the reaction (in public, at least) by Kyle Williams’ teammates after had a far worse special teams performance in last year’s NFC Championship Game.

— Donte Whitner acting cocky on the sideline after coming off the field during the second half. He couldn’t stop himself from talking to the camera that was on him, until he needed to grab a couple breaths from the oxygen mask.

— Mike Iupati ran out onto the field without his helmet off during that little skirmish late in the game with the 49ers were on defense, and nothing got called. Didn’t notice that while watching this game the first time at Northstar Cafe.