When it was announced that Joe Buck would announce the football game at Candlestick Park and the baseball game at AT&T Park on Sunday, most local sports fans who care about such things cringed in hopes that a couple of wins would help dull the earache.

Many figured he’d seamlessly go from talking up Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and the Giants of New York before scurrying over to a slightly more affluent part of San Francisco where Buck would sing the praises of Carlos Beltran, Jon Jay and the Cardinals of St. Louis.

Since I was in the press box at Candlestick watching that abomination this afternoon, I didn’t hear a word Buck said until I got home in the 4th inning. And I’ll readily admit that I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to what Buck or Tim McCarver said through the 9th inning. I’ve learned to pay more attention to the ambient noise coming from the crowd, which turns Buck and McCarver into ambient noise as well.

Does Buck really hate San Francisco? Who knows, but it seemed like he knew how we feel about him as he signed off after the Giants lost to the Cardinals to complete Buck’s own personal sweep. Yes, before Fox segued to a Buck-centric montage that included footage of the Fox announcer’s journey from one Park to the other, he said “Good night, from Frisco.”

(Video length: 14 seconds; “Frisco” count: 1)