I don’t follow Kirk Lacob on Instagram, but Warriorsworld’s Jordan Ramirez recently passed along a video from four months ago that I had to share. Got to love February, the busiest sports month of the year!

In this short clip you’ll see Kirk’s father Joe attempting to keep maintain possession against two dogs in what appears to be his driveway. Lacob’s ball-handling seems alright at first — although some officials would probably whistle him for carrying — but as the shot clock winds down, the pressure from the canine double-team gets to the Warriors owner.

First Lacob picks up his dribble, which is always a no-no unless you’re prepared to shoot (no hoop in sight) or pass to an open teammate (the only person in the vicinity seems to be his son, who’s presumably holding the camera). Then Lacob dribbles again (double-dribble) but the ball gets knocked away by one of the dogs and rolls out of bounds (into some short hedges).

To be fair to Lacob, the dogs probably could’ve been called for a foul at a couple points early on. No word on the dogs’ names, but “Draymond” and “Iggy” wouldn’t be bad choices. For accuracy’s sake, hopefully neither dog goes by “D-Lee.”