Here at Warriors Media Day, and Klay Thompson sat down for interviews even though the Warriors couldn’t sign either Thompson or Jeremy Tyler until they found out what the deal was with DeAndre Jordan, who the Warriors signed to an offer sheet (which was matched by the Clippers).

Will Thompson win Rookie of the Year? Over the weekend Joe Lacob told Dennis O’Donnell, “I think it’s possible, I really do. I think Klay Thompson is just extraordinary.”

Here’s Thompson’s response:




Rusty Simmons: Did you hear your owner predicted you were going to win Rookie of the Year? 

Thompson: I didn’t hear that, but hearing that, you know that just gives me a great sense of confidence. That means they have my back and I really appreciate that they feel that way. And hopefully I won’t disappoint, that’s why I’m putting in all this extra work. And I’ll be ready come Saturday when we have that first preseason game. I was really humbled that they’d make a statement like that.

Marcus Thompson II: So will you? 

Thompson: Yeah, I’ll win it. I think I have the opportunity to. I think I add a lot of depth to this team. With my perimeter ability I think I come in and be a scoring punch and our offense won’t dip when I come into the game. So I’m excited and I think I have a perfect opportunity to win that award and that’s my ultimate goal for this season. Individual goal, that is.