Joe Staley

Joe Staley destroys Pro Bowl fan on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. They got real close. Didn’t happen. They had eight Pro Bowlers. No one cares about the Pro Bowl. I only paid attention to the very end of the Pro Bowl draft so I could laugh when Alex Smith was drafted/assigned last (to team Jerry Rice).

But there are people who care about the Pro Bowl. Not coincidentally, one Pro Bowl-monger has an egg as his avatar.

You see, Joe Staley suffered a compound dislocation of his thumb. If you missed the nauseating details on Tuesday, here’s what that means: “compound dislocation one in which the joint communicates with the outside air through a wound.”

A joint in his thumb poked through the skin. He still played the entire game. And someone on Twitter is bitching about the Pro Bowl.


Staley is great.  The Pro Bowl has been mediocre at best for years.

I can't remember the last time I sat down and actually watched a Pro Bowl -- for me it's just kind of a sad little pantomime charade of a football game at this point.

Vote on the Pro Bowl players, hand out the awards, cancel the stupid game, as far as I'm concerned.  But since the NFL moneymaking machine will always try to wring the last dollar out of fans, and there are apparently still enough people watching to turn a profit on it, the Pro Bowl will probably continue.  Though I think we can expect more gimics over time as the owners try to prop-up the sideshow.


Fans have no idea what kind of injuries come up in any given game. NFC championship games are one of the most hard-fought games of the year. Respect the players.

Meagan Bacon
Meagan Bacon

I just had to look up when the Pro Bowl is scheduled to be played.  Heh.


Why the need to be an arse re Alex Smith? Could it be because he so outplayed Krapernick with so much less in his supporting cast? Grow some class you moron

Bay Area Sports Guy
Bay Area Sports Guy moderator

@Lotstosay Because it's the Pro Bowl. Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders drafted guys, and Rice ended up with Alex. Nothing against Alex Smith, it was just a humorous occurrence. 


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