Then, one minute later, this:

John Allen KCNBC Hudson

Which led to:

Since Ken’s a generous guy, he also gave out credit to the site that actually broke the Hudson news and terms. But this isn’t about who broke what news and who got credit. This is about the identity of John Allen of “Sports KCNBC.” When the stove heats up, minor details like “there’s no proof that the person behind the tweet I’m retweeting/favoriting is a real human being” tend to become less important. A suit connected to some call letters is all it takes when the people want rumors and the rumors are semi-plausible.

Especially when those rumors come from a character known as “rival executive,” a wily character who tells Allen things Giants fans want to hear.

John Allen Rival Exec

John Allen Hudson

Allen joined Twitter on Nov. 15 and already has over 2,600 followers, and some of them are apparently asking questions.

John Allen

A Google search of “John Allen KCNBC” brings up next to nothing besides a post from citing Allen’s tweet on Hudson and an SB Nation story on Allen’s Josh Johnson rumor.

Here’s what Allen looks like on Twitter:


And this is the Facebook profile photo of Cameron Baird, who’s listed as a Vice President at Terranomics Urban Retail Group  (h/t @BrooksKnudsen):

Facebook Cameron Baird

During the start of every major sport’s offseason it seems like thousands of people get fooled by fake accounts with almost-legit names like “John Heyman” or “Adam Shefter.” Unless there’s some sort of misunderstanding, or Allen and Baird are identical twins with different last names and the same suit/shirt/tie combo, it appears that John Allen isn’t a credible news source. He may not even be a real person, since KCNBC doesn’t appear to be a real news outlet.

Update: @JohnAllenKCNBC deleted his account.

John Allen KCNBC deleted twitter account