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Jonathan Goodwin on Gregg Williams, New Orleans Saints suspensions

San Francisco 49ers center Jonathan Goodwin is in an interesting position. He played for the New Orleans Saints from 2006-10, then faced his former team in the NFC Divisional Round. Then there was the little matter of the Saints’ bounty program, and the infamous speech former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams gave where he encouraged his players to “affect the head” of certain 49ers players and target guys like Michael Crabtree, Alex Smith, Kyle Williams and Kendall Hunter.

Matt Barrows: Recording of Gregg Williams targeting certain 49ers — what was your reaction, being a former Saint?

“Shocking. I know Gregg’s a fiery coach and things like that. I’ve never heard him, myself, speak like that. That was kind of shocking, and it was different for sure. Fortunately we were able to go out there and win the game. Definitely new to my ears, for a guy that kind of knows Gregg and been on bus rides and meetings with him that was my first time hearing anything like that.”

Barrows: What he said was shocking, but did you see that on the field in those two games?

“No, I don’t remember anything in particular. From being down there, I know Gregg teaches them to be aggressive and physical and things like that. But from what I remember in those two games I don’t remember anything that was over the line that stands out at the top of my head.”

Cam Inman: Do you get mixed emotions when you see how much they got penalized?

“Some of the penalties … shocking. Kind of surprised me. I knew the commissioner was going to take it pretty serious, didn’t think he’d take it THAT serious. He’s the man in charge and if that’s what he sees fit, that’s what he sees fit. Nothing me or anybody else can do about it. Those guys have appeals and certain things, and good luck with that, just good luck. But I’m here now. I don’t wish any ill will on those guys, but it’s kind of one of those things I try to stay out of.”
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