Oakland Athletics v Houston AstrosNope. You didn’t misread that title. Josh Reddick issued a public apology today for allegedly hitting an Astros employee in the face with sunflower seeds last weekend at Minute Maid Park.

According to the employee, Reddick “intentionally” threw sunflower seeds at her during Saturday’s game while she tossed free t-shirts to a throbbing mass of Astros fans. Upon being struck in the face by the seeds in question, the employee promptly alerted the Oakland A’s, who assured her that the incident would handled internally.

Apparently, the A’s didn’t take immediate action, which prompted the Astros employee to write this letter to Bob Rose, the Director of Public Relations for the Athletics. Here a few of the highlights:

  • This was her first encounter with a “rough player.”
  • She is certain that “hundreds of kids” witnessed Reddick hitting her in the face with seeds.
  • She is from Alvin, Texas where “even the most ill-behaved men would never publicly disrespect a female like that.”
  • She is looking for “peace of mind, … reassurance this won’t happen again, and an apology from Josh.”

On Tuesday, Reddick finally released his long-awaited apology, tweeting that he was simply trying to “have fun” with the Astros mascot and was “deeply sorry” for hitting the employee. Here is the apology in its entirety:


As to whether or not this apology will give the Astros employee peace of mind is yet to be seen. I’ve been told there is another letter in the works. It is clear, though, that the only reassurance provided was to A’s fans, as Reddick tweeted after the apology that he will not stop throwing things at crew members.