Mike Singletary

Just kidding Niners, don’t start tanking yet!

Remember after the Niners did their imitation of George Brett in Las Vegas after a crab dinner (and 14 cocktails, I’m guessing) against the Tennessee Oilers, when I wrote that Mike Singletary and the boyz should just tank the rest of the season to improve their already-awesome 2010 NFL Draft status?

Well, plans have changed.

Why the change of heart? Because my girlfriend received two free tickets to tonight’s game, and this time she isn’t taking Lincepom. For once.

Niners. Bears. Lower Box, Section 12, Row S. We’re big-balling today, and all I had to pay for was tailgating supplies (which I’ll soon be utilizing once I leave work in about 15 minutes).

When you watch a game on TV and your team loses, it isn’t pleasant. However, you can change the channel, drink a beer, go to the park, take a nap … any number of things are available to do in order to divert your attention to what you just watched on television.

Not so when you attend a game, especially an NFL game. Especially an NFL game where losing said game means your team’s season is absolute toast. Especially an NFL game at Candlestick Park, where filing out of the stadium after the game takes about as long as Schindler’s List and getting out of the parking lot takes about ten times longer than that.

So Niners, I know I was quick to give you the hook on Sunday. I was like Felipe Alou after my setup man started his first hitter with a 3-0 count, ready to write off your season in hopes of you guys getting the next Orlando Pace. But I’ve come around. I want you to play tonight’s game as hard as you’ve ever played. Make Coach Sing proud, especially since he’ll get more facetime on tonight’s telecast than the entire team combined (except perhaps Vernon Davis, who started talking s— and become Vernon Ocho Cinco this week).

Selfish of me? Sure. But damnit, I paid good money for my brats and those veggie burgers for SGL. And they don’t just hand out six-packs of Red Stripe for free. And there’s no way I want to sit through a performance like last week’s, regardless of the draft implications. Go Niners. Shutting down my work computer in 3…2…1…

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