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Justin Fargas’ house makes Yukmouth a star

Pro Football Talk found a video last night including a cameo from Justin Fargas that made Tom Cable’s first week on the job a little more interesting.

The video is a tedious affair shown on a website called The name of the website is the first misleading thing about this whole deal. I’ve heard of Yukmouth, the star of a video revolving around a weed smoking contest known as the Smoke-A-Thon, but I can’t name one of his songs. Hardly a world star of hip hop, Yukmouth’s actually better known for having a ridiculous name and doing cameos on more well-known Bay Area rappers like Mister Fab and the late Mac Dre. I’ve never seen the guy before this morning while watching the aforementioned video, and from his performance I doubt he’ll be getting a VH-1 reality show anytime soon.

Also misleading: the video’s title promotes a smoking contest and lists Snoop Dogg, B-Legit and Devin the Dude. In this installment (Part II), there is no smoking contest. Also, Yukmouth rambles about these other (more famous) rappers, but in the video they’re nowhere to be found. Guess we’ll all have to check out Part III, hopefully featuring Darren McFadden.

Anyway, most of the video features Yukmouth buying turkey bags full of weed at a cannibis club and smoking foot-long blunts. Pretty standard stuff except for about a minute and a half in, when Fargas is shown on the balcony of what appears to be his own house. Yukmouth tries to help the oft-injured Raider tailback’s chances of staying out trouble by mentioning how Fargas, the son of the man who played Huggy Bear on “Starsky and Hutch,” doesn’t smoke marijuana himself. To be exact, Yukmouth says, “My n—- don’t get down.”

Fargas doesn’t seem too phased by the cameras in his face during a smoked-out sausage fest at his own mansion, but he makes sure to say these kinds of activities only occur when Yukmouth is present, saying, “We got the Yuk rules at the crib.” And here I thought the “Yuck Rules” were something I heard explained by a hooker five years ago on “Taxicab Confessions.”

This is all amusing, and has been picked up by The San Francisco Chronicle and KNBR, which has given us the auditory gift this afternoon of hearing a mid-50’s Ray Woodson say the name “Yukmouth” during a sports update. It’s sort of like if you heard Dan Rather say “Biggie Smalls.”

My first instinct would be to ignore this story, since all we know is Fargas allowed pot to be smoked at his house. He isn’t selling drugs (not surprising since most NFL players — like Travis Henry and Nate Newton, for instance — wait until they’re retired before they start slangin’ for real) or even near any second-hand smoke in the video, so who cares? It’s like the Michael Phelps story divided by 100, right?

Um, not so fast. As much as the IOC needs Michael Phelps and did everything short of send him a case of Crunch ‘N’ Munch after he apologized for his recent bong photo, the NFL needs Justin Fargas about as much JaMarcus Russell needs an unlimited supply of Angry Whoppers. So even though Al Davis doesn’t know the Internet exists, Fargas might get into a little trouble for this minor role in an otherwise forgettable eight-minute weed video according to Pro Football Talk:

Though Fargas isn’t shown smoking any marijuana, his presence in the video could be enough to get the NFL to begin sniffing around. Under the league’s substance abuse policy, a player can be put into Stage One of the program if the Medical Director concludes that the player has engaged in conduct that “exhibits physical, behavioral, or psychological signs or symptoms of misuse or abuse of substances of abuse.”

I’m just excited to see what McFadden will do during the offseason to one-up Fargas, leaving the Raiders with Michael Bush as their last option after both are suspended. Oh well, Bush is their best running back anyway. As long as he stays out of trouble, McFadden and Fargas can get caught hitting the crack pipe in some basement with Amy Winehouse and Cable and the Raiders will still be fine.

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