Khalil Mack crushes the team that should’ve drafted him (and Raiders fans can believe now)


Things were already looking good for the Raiders. It’s hard to get better than an AFC West lead, a recharged Nation backing your every move, and Rob Gronkowski getting placed on season-ending IR.

Hey, it’s a cruel world, and the Patriots are just another team in the mix when Gronk isn’t available.

But future playoff opponents mean nothing until the Raiders get their own Coliseum in order, and the Bills took a 24-9 lead midway through the third quarter as LeSean McCoy and Mike Gillislee did as they pleased.

Then the Raiders scored 29 unanswered. With Khalil Mack — the 2016 DPOY, most likely — looking like someone what resulted when someone combined Lawrence Taylor and Bruce Smith in a lab.

Yeah, Bruce Smith. For a guy who’s the all-time sack leader, nobody really talks about him all that much. Just another indignity suffered by the city of Buffalo, but nowhere near as painful as watching Mack wreck shop against the team that should’ve drafted him.

  • HOU – Jadeveon Clowney
  • STL – Greg Robinson
  • JAX – Blake Bortles
  • BUF – Sammy Watkins
  • OAK – Khalil Mack

Seriously, what was Buffalo thinking? Mack played his college ball at Buffalo! We had a couple of local yokels who didn’t think that meant anything …

… but this was seen as a no-brainer pick by just about everybody else. Sammy Watkins hasn’t been a bust, but Rex Ryan probably thinks about how his life would be different with Mack at least once a week.

And 10 times today, at the very least.

It’s (past) time to believe

The Raiders are the NFL’s best and biggest party right now. Once they fall behind in the second half, you’re in for a treat. It’s Derek Carr’s Army ready to roll you, and now the Raiders are finally enjoying the kind of home field advantage Raiders fans have been dying to create since 2003.

The Oakland Raiders are 10-2. They aren’t guaranteed to make the playoffs … but right now the two wild card spots would go to Kansas City (one game back) and Denver (two games back, and the Raiders emerged victorious from their first meeting). Next up are the Ravens and Steelers, tied at the top of the AFC North at 7-5, and the Raiders beat the Ravens.

But we’re past the point of worrying about playoff contention. We’ve moved on to seeding, which naturally lends to bigger and better dreams. And what team is in a better position to dream right now than Oakland?

OK, Dallas is leading a pretty charmed life. And that kind of seems like where all of this may be headed.

But the Raiders are causing people to utter words like “magic,” and that’s because they have one of the league’s best quarterbacks and the player of the year. They also have several other players who are more fun to watch than comparable players around the league at the same positions, so let’s go through these guys just for fun.

Jalen Richard: Every team is looking for a “thunder and lightning” combo, and every team’s fans are hoping for one that’s as talented but far less douchey than Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs. Richard is straight-up lightning. Almost to the point where you wish the Raiders played on turf, because Richard would be ridiculous if he played for a dome team.

David Amerson: Is there any position other than cornerback where guys who are thought of as absolutely nothing, not even worth drafting, turn into great players as often? He had a pass breakup today on a throw intended for Sammy Watkins that was precise and violent at the same time — the best kind of pass breakup. By the way, in the first game after D.J. Hayden went on IR, the Bills passed for 191 yards and McCoy was the leader with 61. Watkins was up next, with just 38 yards.

Marquette King: If you had a problem with this, just stop watching football.

Karl Joseph: Hey, ACL guys can actually be good if you draft the right ones! (Pssst: Trent Baalke) Hopefully Joseph’s foot/toe injury turns into nothing, because he’s going to be an All-Pro safety and the Raiders need him badly in his rookie year. And yeah, Reggie McKenzie kind of knows what he’s doing.

Michael Crabtree: I’ve always had a soft spot for Crab since interviewing him at a charity event years ago. Much cooler than the rest of the media gives him credit for. Just wants to ball out, wear some cool J’s and win.

Mychal Rivera: Anyone else feel like he’s going to be around for 10 years?

Bruce Irvin: Let’s see, a young outside linebacker who can play every down and gets a sack every other game. It totally makes sense that the 49ers didn’t even try to sign him (rolls eyes).

Donald Penn: Could’ve fit in with those Raiders teams from the ’70s (except he weighs about 40 pounds more than anyone who played back then). Not only is he ruthless on the field, he might have impregnated a Bad Girls Club “star,” leading to the dissolution of his marriage. Hey, we’re talking about the Raiders! They need a break from the squeaky clean every now and then that doesn’t have to do with their owner’s desire to move to Las Vegas.

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