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Kings owner tweets Jimmer Fredette birthday/buyout(?) group photo

Jimmer Fredette was reportedly working out a buyout today, and Kings owner Vivek Ranadive (a former Warriors minority owner) posted a photo celebrating a holiday even Hallmark couldn’t have conjured: The Birthday Buyout!

Vivek is flashing a shaka (hang loose) sign to the camera (it seems to be a thing he does all the time) … in front of a photo of him doing the same hand signal in a photo with Chris Webber.

Mark Cuban has his good points. But ever since his arrival, all new NBA owners under 60 think they’re a lot cooler than they are.

Fredette (who turned 25 today) is free, and the rest of the guys in the photo are free from questions about why Fredette — whose three point percentage has gone up while his minutes have gone down — isn’t the same Statue of David-esque hero we saw when he was a star at BYU.

“For whatever reason, Jimmer was never able to find success, whether they were unrealistic expectations from his college career or whatever it was,” Malone said. “But he just wasn’t able to play to the level that everybody wanted him to play, which is somewhat maybe unrealistic. Maybe we have to temper our expectations for Jimmer and let him just become a solid NBA player and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Could the guy Malone drew up plays for last season ask Bob Myers to bring Fredette to Oakland?

While the Warriors could probably use another sharpshooter, Fredette’s lack of basketball skills other than hitting threes means they’ll probably pass.


Jimmer at BYU reminded me of Casey Jacobsen at Stanford - they were both great scorers, but they had to run all over the court and put on a ton of moves in order to do it.  If you have to work to get your shot off in college...

Otis Byrd III
Otis Byrd III

I agree on Jimmer. Great college player, not as good pro player.... With that being said, it will be interesting to see what contender picks him up, if any. I really could see the Heat or the Pacers picking him up and adding even more depth to one of their benches. Even though Jimmer is not as good as he was in college, the guy can still shoot the 3 and probably be a 3 pt. specialist off the bench for a team like the Heat or Pacers.

As far as him coming to the Warriors goes, I just don't see it. The Warriors already have enough guards. Where would Jimmer fit? He probably would be at the end of the bench like Bazemore and Brooks were when they were here.

That would be interesting if the Jazz picked him up because of his college career at BYU, but I doubt they do. He could help them sell tickets, and he could be a player they could rebuild with along with Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and some of their other younger players. The more I think about it, the Jazz could be a good fit for him, but at the same time, if it didn't work for him in one rebuilding situation with the Kings, why would it work in another rebuilding situation with the Jazz? We'll see where he goes though, if anywhere.

Sunset Boy
Sunset Boy

At least Vivek isn't doing the sideways peace sign.

A better look for Vivek would be the full on double thumbs up with the big grin, a la Borat.


No. Jimmer was one of those legendary college players, who the speed of the NBA just swallows up into obscurity. He cannot guard anyone, and is a great shooter when no one is in his face. His career is working out pretty much exactly as many scouts predicted. NBA's answer to Tim Tebow

Sunset Boy
Sunset Boy

@Eric  I think you're spot on except with the Tebow comparison. A better Tebow comparison would be someone like Mateen Cleaves or Ed O'Bannon -- great college players, great leaders who won both individual awards and national championships -- but it just didn't work for them in the pros.


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