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KNBR vs. 95.7 “The Game” … who’s winning the radio wars? You decide!

(Click HERE for the KNBR vs. 95.7 FM “The Game” sports talk radio survey)

I didn’t plan on this site becoming a local media blog, but as a sports talk radio listener who has opinions (don’t we all), I thought it was relevant to write some posts back when we started BASG about “weird KNBR commercials.” I even ranked the showstwice.

Since how the teams and athletes in our region are covered has a lot to do with TV ratings, ticket sales and general buzz, what KNBR 680/1050 and 95.7 FM “The Game” do to attract listeners (and provide information) is relevant to the sports scene in the Bay Area, especially since they both also broadcast a lot of the games the local teams play.

BASG should still be classified as a blog about Bay Area sports, not the media. But there have been a few times when gossip and/or news about local radio stations and personalities have found me to a certain extent, as I’ve received a lot of “tips” about what’s happening behind closed doors at both stations. Some of the tips are credible, some of them I’ve either ignored entirely or filed away in my mind for later.

As a result, we’ve broken a few radio-related stories in the past year, including Eric Byrnes joining KNBRMychael Urban leaving KNBR, returning to KNBR before leaving KNBR for “The Game” (the last one was broken by 95.7’s Twitter feed, not here); Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce joining forces for two weeks, followed by a messy breakup and Radnich coming back from “vacation” with a new partner in Larry KruegerTony Bruno’s “illegal alien” tweet about Ramon Ramirez, which became a national story for a short time.

All throughout, I’ve been struck by just how much people care about these radio stations and the hosts who work for them.

Who’s listening, and what are they listening to?

With the help of Scott “Bay Area Stats Guy” Willis (we’re not the same person, by the way), BASG has covered the recent ratings numbers. I don’t know how many of this site’s readers have ever filled out an Arbitron ratings packet, probably not too many. I did once, about 10 years ago, and I have two crisp, new $1 bills to prove it. Okay, that’s a lie. I probably spent that money on a tall can of cheap domestic beer at the corner store, since that’s what you do when you’re fresh out of college and have no responsibilities.

Or, that could be what you do when you’re middle aged and have plenty of responsibilities. We don’t judge anyone here. Except Miguel Tejada.

Anyway, how accurate are these ratings? They don’t poll the entire region, and as far as I know they don’t have devices that measure what people are listening to in their cars or on their computers, walkmans, clock radios, etc. Plus, the only people who respond when that Arbitron letter comes in the mail are people who — like me 10 years ago — had an abundance of free time and the desire to earn $2 for 15 minutes of work. That was almost minimum wage back then!

While we won’t be paying you, Mr. Stats Guy designed a survey similar to the one he set up for the Carlos Beltran question from a few weeks ago. So whether you’re a frequent “radio wars” commenter or a quiet observer who also has an opinion, go ahead and vote!

It’s anonymous, and there aren’t any rules on voting multiple times. However, you may want to reassess your priorities if you spend all day repeatedly voting for “Fitz and Brooks” as your favorite show — for multiple reasons. We’ll post the results on Monday, Dec. 5.

And if you read all that drivel and still have no idea where to go and vote, click here for the survey…

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