I understand that most of you have lives, and as such probably haven’t noticed a certain commercial that was playing on KNBR in which several profane words were bleeped out for effect. It was the latest ad from a company called West Coast Gear, who advertises regularly on KNBR 680 and 1050. Like all the others it was voiced by this guy, who goes by the name of Jeff Carney.

The difference in this ad, where Carney rages against the supposed elitists trying to take the “s” out of “RBIs,” doesn’t just have a couple words “censored,” but at least four or five. It makes for an extremely uncomfortable listening experience, to the point that it makes that Kars4Kids jingle sound like as smooth as an old Tribe Called Quest song.

Damon Bruce, host of “The Damon Bruce Show” from noon to 3 pm on KNBR 1050, doesn’t much like the commercial himself. When the spot played during a commercial break on Tuesday afternoon, Bruce started ranting — and the mic was hot. Bruce wasn’t as loud as the commercial itself, but one could clearly hear him under the spot, angrily ordering someone (his producer?) not to ever play the commercial during his show again.

Since this is an important issue that deserves the public’s attention, similar to McKayla Maroney’s facial expressions, I wrote this:

Which, about seven hours later, brought this response:

Backing up a little, on Monday the company had this exchange with another Twitter user:


The next day (their next tweet after responding to @captbaritone, actually), West Coast Gear made this announcement:

So perhaps there was a glitch, and KNBR 1050 played the commercial by accident during Bruce’s show yesterday. I got some flack from a guy who thought Bruce was in the wrong:

I find it difficult to blame Bruce in this case. It’s his show, and while most people are savvy enough to know that Bruce doesn’t sell his own advertising (unlike certain other hosts), if listeners are offended by an advertisement they’re more likely to turn off the station and/or complain. Plus, now that Bruce’s show is also being carried in Modesto these days, perhaps he feels like the world won’t end if he takes a stand against one t-shirt company’s attempt at comedy.

What do you think, was Damon in the right to rip the commercial while it was playing (even if he didn’t know his mic was on and his words could be heard by the audience)? If you heard the ad, were you bothered? I wasn’t offended by the commercial exactly, but I certainly didn’t find it funny, insightful or worthy of a second listen.