Gary Radnich is coming back to KNBR after his long vacation after all. But he won’t be working with Damon Bruce. Only a month after Bruce was moved from KNBR 1050 to 680’s 9-to-noon slot with Radnich, there’s another major shakeup at “The Sports Leader.”

It’s official: Larry Krueger will be joining Radnich, starting tomorrow.

No word on what this means for Bruce, who has to be absolutely furious at both Radnich — who it appears staged a kind of mini-boycott until he wasn’t forced to work with Bruce anymore — and Krueger. Radnich has been scrambling during his time off. I’ve heard he was sniffing around 95.7 “The Game” for a multi-year deal, and for this show to come together so quickly presumably means he was in contact with Krueger in recent days/weeks as well.

While Bruce and Krueger worked together during Radnich’s first week on “vacation” (tough to say he was on vacation since he was on KRON at the time), and seemed to work well together, Radnich famously had Krueger’s back after his infamous “brain-dead Caribbean hacking at slop nightly” rant. Radnich led off his show the morning after Krueger, Tony Rhein and Bob Agnew were fired by talking for nearly an hour straight about how disappointed he was, and repeatedly referred to Krueger as his “friend.” It’s safe to say Radnich never held Bruce in such high esteem.

What does this mean for Bruce? I’m hearing he’s considering his options, and may head back to KNBR 1050. I haven’t heard if 95.7 is interested in Bruce, but that could also be an option. Regardless, this makes KNBR look pretty shaky. They make a huge change to their lineup, and after a couple uncomfortable weeks and Radnich going AWOL, they’re making another switch. What’s next? Is the Tony Bruno segment coming back to 9-to-noon? At this point, anything seems possible as the radio soap opera continues.