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KNBR tipster sends ancient don’t-download-porno memo to Deadspin for some reason

Deadspin was forced to make a correction to a weird story about KNBR today. A “tipster” sent over a memo letting the staff know that downloading pornography was grounds for termination. Here’s a photo of said memo:

KNBR pornography memo

Tom Ley, the guy who wrote up a couple paragraphs on the memo for Deadspin, was skeptical from the start. Then he received word that the memo wasn’t sent recently.

A tipster just sent us a picture of the above sign, which was recently posted in the KNBR sports radio studio in San Francisco. That’s the same radio station that employs Damon Bruce, and is essentially the west coast’s answer to WEEI. So, really, it’s not all that surprising that such a warning needed to be given to employees.

But who the hell downloads porn movies anymore? Why are people still so bad at figuring out how to use the internet to watch porn? Anyway, if you happen to know which KNBR employee is a big porn monster, let us know. Especially if it’s Damon Bruce. (We hope it’s Damon Bruce.)

Update: We’ve been told that the note is in fact very old, but periodically appears in the office as a kind of running gag.

Not only is the idea of “downloading” pornography a thing of the past, but Susquehanna sold KNBR along with several other stations to Cumulus back in 2005. Not that anyone would expect Deadspin writers to keep tabs on such things. That’s our job, as THE Sports (talk radio warz) Leader.

So now the question isn’t who’s the “big porn monster,” it’s who decided to mess with Deadspin by sending over that ALL-CAPS memo. It seems doubtful that the mastermind of this tip/prank is a host, so if it’s someone who still works for the station it’s probably either an intern or someone behind the scenes as a producer or update person. As long as we’re speculating, I’m guessing the culprit was Kate Scott.

(Just kidding, Kate. We all know Rick Barry probably sent the memo.)

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