Gary Radnich still wasn’t in the studio on Monday morning, but he has an excuse: Hurricane Irene, which messed up travel plans for millions over the weekend with widespread mass transit and airport closures. And since Radnich was in New York over the past week, it’s feasible he could still be trying as hard as he possibly can to get back to his new partner, Damon Bruce, whom Radnich only worked with for two weeks before taking off for the last two-plus weeks.

In other radio-related news, KNBR added another “insider” without calling him one (for once), as they announced this morning that Ray Ratto will do two segments called “The Ray Ratto Report” at 10:15 and 2:15 every day. I caught the first one this morning, in which Ratto read a prepared statement about the local NFL teams being so terrible that we should all look back fondly at the lockout. One of the highlights was when he noted that the 49ers’ and Raiders’ combined record this season is 1-5, and that’s only because they played each other.

Ratto’s segment sounded a lot like those short segments Jim Rome does that they play on KNBR 1050, which if I’m not mistaken is called “The Rome Report.” It’s a natural fit for Ratto, who can craft a phrase (without having it written for him, unlike Rome). However, with as much hosting experience as he has, I think he’ll end up on KNBR in a full-time role that calls for hours of airtime, not minutes. When? Who knows. Just like the weather on the east coast during hurricane season, KNBR’s personnel moves are subject to change at any time.