Juan Uribe Ned Colletti DodgersI know this is a Bay Area-centric website, but I think it’s important to keep an eye on our neighbors down south in Los Angeles. With rumors flying around about moving Hanley Ramirez to third base (Think of all the GIFs. Think about them.) or bringing back free agent Michael Young to play the hot corner, it’s been pretty amusing all around.

All the LOLs seem to be stemming from the Dodgers’ reluctance to give Uribe a multi-year deal seemingly because:

a) He turns 35 in March (although based on his Dominos habit, one could argue he is turning 86. Seriously, who plays Dominos?)

b) He’s been an inconsistent performer throughout his career as a Dodger. Here’s a very top level look at his last three years:


Apparently they set their concerns aside after exploring some of the options out there, as they inked a renewal with Uribe.

Although the two-year deal time frame isn’t an ideal situation for Los Angeles, there are some upsides including Uribe’s stellar defense (even more so if you consider that they were willing to move Ramirez to third base) and his great clubhouse rapport with the existing team. Still, it seems as though this was more about a lack of options than anything else. We all know the Dodgers have the dough to spend, but a trade for an upgrade at third base would have likely cost them a fairly talented Major League player or picked away at their farm system.

The Giants are also at a crossroads with their third-baseman, Pablo Sandoval, who is facing a contract year. Actually, “crossroads” may be too strong a word given Brian Sabean’s recent comments on trying to draw up a new agreement before the 2014 season starts. Team Panda seems keen on this idea as the volume of Sandoval’s workout routines on Twitter and Instagram seem to be soaring:

You can click-thru to watch the video but here’s a screenshot of some workout shenanigans the Kung Fu Panda has been up to:


Based on the Uribe signing and Sabean’s comments, I can only imagine that the next big move from the Giants front office will have to do with locking in Pablo for the next few years — for better or for worse.