With 2013 around the corner, it will soon be time to turn the page and focus more on the season to come than the season that concluded. But you never forget any of these seasons, really, and the championship years are infinitely more fun to revisit. The commemorative movies and box sets that follow a championship these days help, too.

I have one last San Francisco Giants Collector’s Edition 8-disc Box Set left to give away, so you can watch individual moments from the postseason and prove to yourself that you weren’t dreaming. That really happened. Buster Posey really did hit a grand slam off Mat Latos. Jeremy Affeldt really did fall down some stairs in the dugout. The Reds really did strand 214 runners over the last four innings.

And that was just Game 5 of the NLDS, which is included in this set.

Another disc holds the key to the magical Barry Zito start in Game 5 of the NLCS that got everyone believing in not just the Giants or redemption, but the absurdly sublime. Or the sublimely absurd, take your pick. It gave you the feeling that the postseason was going into another gear/realm/galaxy, and the best course of action was to sit back and enjoy the ride … man.

Barry Zito and his unicornIt’s hard to get a handle on what the “#RallyZito” thing was all about if you weren’t on Twitter. The Giants needed to listen to Hunter Pence yell things with his eyes reaching out and touching each player in the dugout. (I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure Pence’s eyes ate at least a bag of seeds during the playoffs, too.) The fans needed to spend their time between the Game 4 loss and Zito’s start to wrap their heads around what would probably happen (Zito gets shelled, everyone comes home for a post-postseason press conference explaining how it all went wrong — in other words, an afternoon of chatter about Pablo Sandoval being too fat and Tim Lincecum being too skinny) and what could happen.

Actually, Zito succeeding was impossible to imagine. He’d be lucky to reach the fourth inning, right? So people invested in their Twitter avatars instead of potential baseball pain. Zito on a unicorn. Zito modeling. Shirtless Zito mugging for the camera in his own mirror after shaving (my avatar that day). ZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZitoZito.

Then Zito pitched, and it was as if the karma buildup from Twitter carried him to greatness. Weird, since he shut down his Twitter account years ago due to the abuse he was getting.

Now here’s your contest question.

Be honest: before it happened, did you think Zito had a snowball’s chance of pitching well Game 5 of the NLCS?

Feel free to add in any #RallyZito anecdotes, where you were when you watched the game, whether or not you played some Jack Johnson songs in the background to keep things extra mellow and Zito-y while the game was progressing. You can write something about the RBI bunt single. (“Zito dropped a pearl” is one of the select few radio calls from the 2012 postseason that’ll be heard forever around here, so thanks to Mike Krukow for that.)

Just write something about that game, and on Monday I’ll choose one lucky commenter at random and they’ll get a copy of the Box Set on DVD or Blu-ray (winner’s choice). Then they’ll be able to watch this classic Zito game on a loop.

You know you have to do some last-minute shopping — why not give yourself a chance at a last-minute gift for yourself? Good luck!