As one might expect during a San Francisco 49ers game, the San Francisco Giants’ history at Candlestick Park was an afterthought on Monday night. No Barry Bonds, no Will Clark, no Robby Thompson, no Candy Maldonado. That’s fine, the Giants had their chance in 1999 to say goodbye to the yard they opened back in 1960.

Also, the 49ers did recognize these guys before the game.

Willie McCovey Willie Mays Giants last game Candlestick Park

After the game, when Chris Berman and the former players took the stage near the north end zone, I turned around and saw an odd scene. Just like the post about Berman *possibly* berating an employee and Steve Young *possibly* registering his disapproval, we can’t be sure exactly what’s going on here.

But it sure seemed like Sergio Romo and a few others, including his girlfriend, decided to walk onto the field and were stopped by a security guard.

SF Giants Sergio Romo last game Candlestick Park security

It looked like Romo was able to sort things out with a few words and a handshake, though.

Sergio Romo last game Candlestick Park talking to security

Sergio Romo final game Candlestick Park

Romo wasn’t jumping on the “farewell to Candlestick” bandwagon, either. Last season he was on the sidelines during the 49ers’ 27-13 win over the Dolphins, and I got a chance to speak with him in the locker room after the game. I’ve also seen him in the Giants clubhouse putting two different 49ers jerseys in his suitcase before a road trip, and he’s also been known to keep his head warm with a 49ers ski cap.