Like I didn’t already hate the idea of “Glee”

I can’t stand musicals. I don’t think this makes me a better person, in fact I know that in some circles that announcement would make me seem boorish, immature and grumpy. I don’t care. I don’t break out in song with a bunch of perky people dancing in unison around me, and I don’t have the patience to watch people doing it on a screen or a stage.

OK, some musicals I enjoy. Any musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for instance. So now you know exactly what maturity level you’re dealing with here.

Trust me, I’ve heard about how great Glee is. I don’t care. Even though I think Jane Lynch is one of the funnier actresses in the world, it’s a show about high school kids singing. Yeah, no thanks.

But until this week, Glee never bothered me, and I never bothered Glee.

Until Fox put baseball in between us.

Now I’m at work, plotting my escape. Yes, I’m actually considering taking the longest lunch break ever in an office that didn’t double as the set of Mad Men. It’s the NLCS! If I don’t go, people in my office watching the score will talk about it. So it’s either I watch the AWFUL broadcast on, where you pick camera angles that may or may not actually focus on the action, or I watch pirate TV on some fuzzy screen that may drop at the worst possible moment, or I go to the corner sports bar.


And you know why I have to make this decision between my job and my team? Because of a Glee repeat. Not a new episode. Not a new episode, not a new episode: a repeat. Check out the description of what changed the schedule around:


Episode Synopsis: Will is concerned that Sue is leaking info, so he visits with a rival club’s instructor (Eve) while the kids check out their competition. Meanwhile, Kurt gives Rachel a makeover, and he may have hidden motives for doing this. Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2009

Ooh, Kurt has hidden motives! Forget watching baseball, I want to find out what possibly could make him want to give a girl a makeover! Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that women and girls love being told by guys that what they look like isn’t exactly working for them. Maybe he can sing to her about her eye shadow, or the fact that she’s an Autumn! DRAMA!

And speaking of Autumn, why are you changing things around for an episode that aired a year ago? Hey Fox, didn’t you pay like a hundred billion dollars for the right to torture us with BuckCarver doing taped interviews with hitting instructors? Are you that ashamed of your purchase that you have to hide it from all the soccer moms and Bieber-fans who make Glee appointment television? Afraid you won’t get to sit with the popular kids in the lunchroom? What is it, Fox? Why can’t I go home from work a little early and watch Matt Cain throw pitches while staring into the sky? Why have you foresaken me!?!?!?

Of course, Fox isn’t just screwing over west coast fans by thinking solely of ratings when making sports programming decisions (which, to be fair, NBC does throughout their Olympics coverage every two years). In the east, if you have Cablevision you’re effectively screwed. No Fox whatsoever, because Fox and CableVision can’t come to a deal. Now that would be awful, if we had absolutely no way to watch the game at home. But at least everybody knows someone with DirecTV or Dish or whatever, right? And for most employed people, it’s a lot easier to go to your buddy’s house with the satellite dish than take a half-day from work.

All for a repeat of some musical all of its fans have probably already seen. Tragic.

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