Brandon Crawford

Lincecum looks like old self, Crawford like a new man, and Posey like Schroeder

Not only is Tim Lincecum back, but I am as well.

BASG was all quiet on the Giants’ front the past few days because I was white-knuckling my way from Portland to Oakland (Do the locals call it O-Town, by chance?). If you drive truck in the Northwest, you may have happened upon a 16-foot Budget Truck taking every turn at 25 MPH. That was me.

So, what did I miss?

Well, of course, Lincecum seems back on track. Granted, he’s always pitched exceptionally well against Philadelphia, but tonight, he was dominant. Lincecum lowered his ERA to a respectable tolerable 5.72. Were it not for the Ryan Howard’s homerun in the sixth, Lincecum would have pitched a relatively perfect game. Sure, there was that weird slip/balk in the fourth.

Speaking of which, anybody else think home plate umpire Laz Diaz was a little too excited to call that balk? I mean, I have not seen such demonstrative pointing and shouting from an adult since “Flavor of Love” was in syndication.

Diaz has had history of such histrionics (word play). The most recent involved him and Russell Martin. In past, Diaz has been involved in dust ups with Dustin Pedroia (more word play), Brandon McCarthy, and even fans.

Apparently, Brandon Crawford is more than just a glove and great hair. In Atlanta and Philadelphia, he proved he can be a glove, great hair, and a bat. A triple threat, if you ask me. Tonight, Crawford posted a SLG% of 1.25. In game two of the Atlanta series, it was 4.00. His career posting is only .319, which is slightly below this seasons average of .349. Obviously, Crawford cannot be expected to continue hitting this way. The final game of the Braves series is proof of that. Still, it is fun to watch.

Barry Zito deserves to be considered Comeback Player of the Year. At least, Kyle McLorg thinks so. I’m on board as well. Sure, Buster Posey or Stephen Strasburg would be obvious choices. But why give it to a player who has come back from injury? Career ending/threatening injuries are mostly things of the past. Why not give it to the players who reinvent themselves?

This is what they do in the NFL. Michael Vick won the award in 2010 and Plaxico Burress won it 2011. Well, I guess Burress did come back from an injury of sorts, didn’t he?

Stolen BASGs

–Huff might have aggravated his right knee in last night’s Grizzlies game. According to Alex Pavlovic, Huff pulled himself from the game after feeling soreness. He is returning to San Francisco for another MRI.

–Rumors are swirling of a possible Posey-Lincecum falling-out. Tonight marked the six straight Lincecum start sans Posey as catcher.

Before the game, Bochy was quick to dismiss rumors, stating, “That is completely false – completely false. Timmy doesn’t care who he throws to, and it’s my call when I want to get Buster a break.”

–There was a rousing debate on Twitter today over the Peanuts’ character that most resembles Buster Posey. Here are some of my favorite replies:


Most thought Shroeder was the character that bore the closest resemblance. Some thought otherwise.

I thought the obvious choice was Linus. He’s practically Posey’s doppelganger. Apparently, nobody else thinks so.


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I call it the dirty o

Timmy looked the best all year

Finally getting into game shape, easy 93s all night


Buster resembles the man charles shulz himself, a great human being

Sunset Boy
Sunset Boy

I totally agree on the Laz Diaz balk call. Way overboard with the gesticulating. Maybe he thinks he’s on American Idol.

Lincecum looks confident. Body language saying a lot. Who knows how he’ll do the rest of the way, but hopeful this is a preview of things to come.


I called it. On the BANG pregame post I said that it was 66f in Philly,that’s good for 7 innings from Lincecum and 2 or 3 runs. He went 7 and gave up 2.
Genius never sleeps…gets drousy sometimes.
btw,I didn’t see any 93’s..I was surprised that he went as low as 84. He won,and I think he’s added a few pounds since his last bad start.

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