These aren’t your older sister’s Colorado Rockies. No Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez, and Todd Helton is probably sinking his teeth into a nice, warm deer pancreas as you’re reading this. Mmmm-mmm! No better way to recover from hip surgery.

So Tim Lincecum wasn’t exactly facing a lineup the caliber of which he’d see as a postseason starter. But he’ll be a postseason starter provided the Giants get there, as they should. And due in large part to Lincecum’s outing on Tuesday night, the Giants edged a little closer to clinching the National League West.

The Magic Number sits at seven, as Tuesday’s Dodgers/Nationals game was postponed.

The final score makes it appear as if this game was a relative cinch for the Giants, but that wouldn’t be accurate. In the seventh inning, when a strange combination of curious umpiring and infield singles left the bases loaded with Jason Giambi hitting against Jeremy Affeldt, the Giants’ 3-0 lead looked to be in serious jeopardy. When Wilin Rosario hit a 2-run homer off Santiago Casilla in the 8th to make it a 4-2 game, things looked even dicier.

It’s hard to say Lincecum deserved better, since he allowed no runs and dropped his ERA under 5.00 (to 4.91), but he pitched well enough to at least get through seven and didn’t quite make it. And after the game he mentioned how he wishes he could’ve gotten through seven innings, because he hasn’t done so in a while (not since Aug. 10 vs. the Rockies, a team he faced six times in 2012).

However, Lincecum has four starts in September and they’ve all been “quality starts,” which any Giants fan would’ve gladly taken as the Giants sputtered into the All-Star Break. When Henry Schulman brought up the ERA thing, Lincecum’s reaction tilted toward the sarcastic side.

Video length: 38 seconds

Stolen BASGs

Buster Posey told Tim Kawakami earlier today that he didn’t expect to catch Lincecum during the postseason, an interesting lead-in to another game where Lincecum was caught by Hector Sanchez. When asked about throwing to Sanchez after the win, here’s what Lincecum said.

“He has kind of a knack of what I want to go to. I’m going to throw a lot of breaking ball pitches, stuff in the dirt. He’s done a great job of digging those out. I’ve beaten the shit out of him at times, but he keeps battling, going back there and catching. That’s really all you can ask for.”

Video length: 29 seconds

— Xavier Nady, who looked so down after tweaking his hamstring last week, came through with two singles — both with runners in scoring position. Then Gregor Blanco replaced Nady in left field and collected a drop-shot double of his own to ignite an eighth inning rally.

— Many of us thought Blanco was coming in for the ejected Angel Pagan, except Pagan was only fined by the umpiring Angel named Hernandez for flipping his bat. That led to an entertaining little outburst from Pagan that led to Bruce Bochy and Tim Flannery to get between both Angels. Pagan talks about what happened here:

Video length: 25 seconds

— Sergio Romo (who recorded the last out of the game for the seventh time in his last eight appearances) really seems fatigued at the end of a long season. (Courtesy @carmenkiew)

I pulled this up on my phone and showed Romo in the clubhouse, and he couldn’t have been more pleased.

“I got her good!”

He watched the repeating sequence for at least 30 seconds, yelling “AAAHHH!” each and every time he saw himself flail around behind Amy G. Then he showed me what went into the videobombing, as he got into a very low crouch, then jumped up and yelled while swinging his arms around like he does in the .GIF above.

He asked me to send it to him, and I tweeted him a link after leaving the clubhouse … but I assured him that it would probably show up in his mentions 100 times at least.