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Live, from AT&T Park: their Oakland Athletics?

While the San Francisco Giants were across the continent losing two games to the Florida Marlins, I was sitting in right field watching the Oakland A’s complete their sweep of the Boston Red Sox at the Coliseum.

Wouldn’t Bay Area baseball be a little more interesting if the team with the best record got to play at AT&T while the other squad played their home games at McAfee? Because after watching the A’s outplay the Red Sox in every way, I’m of the mind that the A’s should be playing in San Francisco this year while the Giants take their act across the bay.

I’m joking of course, but it would be nice if the A’s forgot about their whole “ambience” thing and untarped the upper deck, at least for games against Boston and New York. With everyone except the All-You-Can-Eaters forced into the lower deck, getting around the concourses last night was about as difficult as getting across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco on a weekday morning.

At least the Giants still have the Cha-Cha Bowl

— The A’s not only develop their own young players better than the Giants, they also sign better old ones. While the Giants are hoping Rich Aurilia gets hot enough to garner trade interest, and that Dave Roberts will just get off the payroll as soon as possible, the A’s sign guys like Mike Sweeney and Frank Thomas.

— It helps that the A’s only sign older players who were elite hitters, then put them in positions to succeed (which, to be fair, often includes the position of designated hitter).

— In the first baseball game I’ve attended in 2008, here was my food scorecard with rankings from my top ten food items story from a few weeks back: lox and bagels (in perhaps the most Jewish pregame spread I’ve ever seen) and hot dogs in the parking lot, Nachos (5) Round Table Personal Pizza (4), and Chicken Strips with ranch dressing (8).

-And yes, I shared each of the last three items. And no, I didn’t race to eat as much as I could to avoid sharing. I swear!

— Am I the only person who thinks Dot Racing is completely unnecessary?

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