While the fans, talk radio hosts and writers have been scoffing at the San Francisco Giants’ chances of winning the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been losing games. The Giants are now by themselves on top of the National League West, 0.5 games ahead of the Dodgers. Weird.

All I know is it was nice to watch an 8-run inning for the Giants and not think about testosterone once. Well, except when I joked about it here:

Seriously though, I bet a BBQ at Bochy’s house is pretty fun. If the multiple cases of vino in his office provide any indication, that guy probably has a wine cellar bigger than the Giants’ clubhouse.

— Matt Cain looked like Matt Cain again. Until Friday night in San Diego, Cain had allowed at least one home run and at least one walk in every August start. He didn’t allow one of either to the Padres.

— Wouldn’t it be perfect if the guy who filled in the gaping hole Melky Cabrera left was Brandon Crawford? The Crawford story is an interesting one, because this year the Giants have handled him the way many wish they’d handle so many of their young players over the years. Translation: step back, let him make mistakes during the spring and summer, and hopefully during harvest time you’ll have something.

I’m not serious about Crawford picking up Cabrera’s slack in terms of hitting .350 and getting thrown into the No. 3 spot in the order. But he has a 9-game hitting streak … and he doesn’t need to hit .350. There’s going to be an inevitable gap in production between what Cabrera was doing and what his replacement(s) in left field accomplish at the plate. If Crawford can increase his offensive production from what it was while Cabrera was on fire (not great, for the most part) by the same amount that the Giants’ LF production worsens, maybe the Giants can weather this.

Yes, we are in the “really confusing logic to make us feel better” stage. And Crawford left seven guys on base on Friday night. But 10-1!!!

— Tonight might have been a perfect example of the Giants’ comparatively easy remaining schedule having an effect on the NL West race. Every time the Giants seem like they’re about ready to take a major tumble, they face a team like the Padres. The Dodgers lost in 11 innings in Atlanta.

— Marco Scutaro might get a ridiculous contract offer from the Giants after this season … but right now that almost seems worth it if we can watch him hit (and steal bases!) like this now.

— Tomorrow, the Giants very well could lose while the Dodgers win 10-1 in Atlanta. But at least for a day or so, we’re reminded that baseball is never about one guy and the Giants — for whatever reason — have a pretty badass offense on the road these days.

— Angel Pagan collected three hits on Friday a day after going 0-for-5 — maybe he realized the rest of his season will be much easier now that he no longer has to act as Melky’s translator after games.