Again, thanks to the fine fellows at Fear The Beard, I got an idea for some content. They posted a video featuring Louis Amundson, who in the video rides his bike to practice, has his bike stolen by Shaq (some cop he is) and does a pretty darn good Napoleon Dynamite impersonation.

So, seeing as we have an unhealthy obsession with how much Buster Posey looks like Napoleon Dynamite, I figured I’d see his Napoleon for myself. I think he’s got the voice down pat, and his face is a close approximation of a very intense Napoleon, he had a little trouble remembering any lines. But we won’t blame him for that, for two reasons.

1. Napoleon Dynamite references are really dated and I should probably consider stopping for a while. Wait, Bill Simmons’ entire career is based on Karate Kid, Teen Wolf, Rocky 4 and Boogie Nights (and I’m probably forgetting several others) … what am I worried about? Dated movie references = millions! BRILLIANT!

2. The fact that as an NBA player, he’d even consider doing something like this for some guy with a Flip Cam and a nametag is pretty freakin’ sweet.