A handful of prominent players were at Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony for the San Francisco 49ers’ new stadium in Santa Clara, including Patrick Willis. I asked Willis how he felt about making it to the Semifinals of the Madden 13 Cover Vote on SportsNation (he lost 53% to 47% to Cam Newton, who’s now in the finals against Calvin Johnson), and here was his response:




BASG: What do you think about making it to the Semifinals in the Madden voting?

Willis: That was big. A lot of people, they didn’t expect me to make it that far but I thank all the fans that voted for me to help me get as far as I did.

BASG: And you don’t worry about the curse?

Willis: No, no, I don’t worry about that, man. They showed me a list of all the injuries and whatnot. I think I’ve had over half those injuries and I wasn’t on the cover of Madden. I wasn’t on the cover of Madden last year or the year before when I broke my hand and last year, I hurt my hamstring. So to me, I’m thinking maybe it’d be a reverse.

Willis has a point: every football player deals with injuries both minor and major, it’s what you do with them. Willis figures if the fans would’ve voted him on the cover and he got injured, he’d play through it and get back on the field. Can’t say I disagree with his thinking … but I’m still kind of glad he didn’t make it. Let Newton or Megatron get some freak injury.