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Marty Lurie picks Baggs over Schulman in Bay Area social media draft

Damon Bruce had Bryan Srabian, Director of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants, on his show today. He was a great guest (full disclosure: I’m biased because I know Srabian, but it was still an interesting segment for anyone interested in how the Giants have become a social media powerhouse in a very short period of time). After the Srabian interview, Bruce launched into his “Tuesday Trifecta” segment, something he does weekly where he asks the audience three questions centered on a specific theme.

This was today’s Trifecta:



Soon after Srabian’s segment, Marty “@BaseballMarty” Lurie sat down with Bruce. After talking about social media for a little while, it was Lurie’s turn to answer the Trifecta questions. Here’s Lurie’s answer to the last question:

“Very, very good question. Easily, for me, it’s @CSNBaggs. B-A-G-G-S, Andy Baggarly. I think he does a great blog. If I’m watching a game, he’s at a game, he’ll come up with things during the game that I appreciate. He doesn’t fool around with food, kids screaming and all sorts of extraneous stuff. It’s all information that I like. Alex Pavlovic is excellent as well, I will tell you that. He is really into it as well.”

Most of you who follow the Giants know that there are three main beat writers on Twitter: Baggarly, Pavlovic and … Henry Schulman. You can throw Chris Haft in there as well, but he isn’t nearly as active as the other three. Haft doesn’t “fool around with food, kids screaming and all sorts of extraneous stuff,” either. Schulman does, especially during long road trips. He also mentions politics, a sure way to rile up a group of people (baseball fans) who come from every imaginable side of the political spectrum.

Baggarly recently went the Schulman route himself (thanks to Kim Sherayko for the heads-up):



Schulman retweeted Baggs’ complaint, because he doesn’t squabble with other beat writers. He has gotten into it with KNBR personalities before, though. As you might have read in this space (which admittedly and unapologetically loves to follow these local media skirmishes), Schulman and Bruce had a Twitter argument last season, and more recently Schulman called Larry Krueger a “tool” on Twitter after fans alerted Schulman that Krueger was making thinly-veiled references to Schulman’s weight on the radio.

It doesn’t look like Schulman and Lurie will engage in a similar Twitter battle, because Lurie (a former criminal defense attorney) probably won’t respond to this:



Or this:



And in case you’re wondering who made it to the top of the Bay Area social media draft, here you go (three different regular KNBR contributors/insiders, by the way):


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