What would the start of the Giants baseball season be without another chapter added to the Dodgers/Giants rivalry? Brandon Belt made sure of that last week at Fan Fest. When asked what he thought of the Dodger’s generous payroll and big acquisitions (most notably: Zack Greinke, Carl Crawford,  Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett), he replied:

“All I can say is, you can’t buy chemistry”

While Giants fans loved this more than a Buster Posey Bobblehead giveaway, Matt Kemp didn’t seem to find it so amusing.

“If I was a World Series champ, I wouldn’t be saying anything about anybody’s team, you know what I’m saying? I don’t have to say anything, I’m a World Series champ.”

Kemp continued, “I think we all saw those quotes. We’re going to worry about the Dodgers. I’m sure the Giants should worry about the Giants. The thing about it is that they’re trying to make this big rivalry, as far as ‘It’s the Giants and the Dodgers.’ You got other teams that are in this division that are really good too.”

To drive home his point, the All Star Dodger concluded, “We have pitching, we have a bullpen, we have hitting. We have it all. There’s going to be no excuses if we do lose. If everybody does their job, then we’re going to be successful. I don’t care what anybody says about us. We’re going to be good. We just have to go out there and do our thing. So let them go out there and say what they want.”

Sounds like Kemp may be a little sensitive at the moment and perhaps a lot of that is driven by the Dodgers’ need to succeed now that they’ve spent the big bucks. While Kemp may have taken offense to Belt’s statement, we all know that our Baby Giraffe can say awkward things and generally be quite lovably awkward. I believe Belt was mostly complimenting the Giants’ unique bond and chemistry that was apparent down the stretch and in the postseason rather than taking a jab at the Dodgers. That’s my opinion, but I’m sure anyone sporting Dodger Blue would disagree.

Surprisingly, Kemp had built up some Bay Area cred when he openly supported the 49ers in the Super Bowl.  I’m pretty sure any goodwill he has established with anyone in San Francisco has faded with his recent comments.

How is everyone feeling about Giants vs. Dodgers in 2013? Good, bad, neutral? Personally, I would take OUR Blockbuster over their blockbuster any day: