Lots of chatter about Hunter Pence’s whereabouts tonight.

  • His plane is delayed!
  • He’s flying over the central valley!
  • He’s in a Toyota Truck … that’s driving on the upper deck?!?! No way!!!

But the best deadline acquisition the Giants could possibly make would be if Tim Lincecum — as we once knew him — returned to the team for the rest of this season. Lincecum threw to Buster Posey for the first time since losing in Seattle back on June 16, and the results couldn’t be better. Especially the final results — the Giants won 4-1 to break their first 5-game losing streak of the season, and Lincecum’s last pitch of the night.

Lincecum didn’t throw a lot of curveballs, but the one he threw that struck out Wright and made his knees buckle for a called was framed exquisitely by Posey.

“Buster and I had a good connection going there and a good understanding of what we wanted to do with the hitters,” said Lincecum, who also appreciated the pounding Posey took behind the plate. It was Lincecum’s fault, after all.

“I’m a bit wild, effectively wild at times. So I’m going to be throwing balls in the dirt a lot and he did a great job picking them and doing a good job of letting me beat him up but still doing his job as a catcher. I know it can be rough catching me,” Lincecum said.

“I told him he can beat me up as much as he wants as long as we get outs,” Posey said.

Posey starts off with that comment in the video below.


Dealing with the whole “is Lincecum back?” thing has been one of the most excruciating parts of this season, so let’s wait until he’s had at least four quality starts in a row to go there. Still, Bruce Bochy’s postgame reaction, at least in terms of the body language seen at the beginning of this video when he said, “He pitched like the Timmy that we know,” painted the picture of a manager who feels like he got two new toys on deadline day.

(35 seconds)

Timmy, meet Hunter

Lincecum actually knows Pence quite well, but they had their first encounter as teammates tonight in the video below. Check out how Pence arrives at his locker while Lincecum’s talking about the right fielder’s lack of plate discipline. It’s not awkward, because their dads are friends!

(32 seconds)

Lincecum and the crowd reconnected, too

It wasn’t just Lincecum and Posey reuniting on Tuesday night. The AT&T Park crowd, which was understandably a little more lively for a couple reasons (the addition of Pence and the fact that the Giants were in the lead for most of the game), gave Lincecum a little extra help when he faced Wright with the bases loaded.

“The crowd definitely gave me a little added edge there, when they rose to their feet and they just were loud as hell. That helped me dig deep and make better pitches to Wright,” Lincecum said.

(45 seconds)

About the whole closer thing…

That’s probably going to be a subject that comes up before Wednesday’s game. Jeremy Affeldt struck out three over two perfect innings for his second save of the season. Will the former Royals closer get a shot at the same job soon, with Santiago Casilla and Sergio Romo struggling? Romo’s only had two bad outings after pitching as well as any reliever in the Majors for the better part of two seasons, and he warmed up a couple different times at the end of this game. But Casilla never warmed up, and he’s been extremely shaky ever since that series in Oakland in late June.

Stay tuned for video from Hunter Pence’s first session with the Giants media circus. I asked a question about his outfield defense, something Bay Area Stats Guy brought up as a potential concern earlier today.