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Michael Crabtree Conspiracy Theories

Why hasn’t Michael Crabtree signed yet? Bad foot, bad advice, bad attitude? There are many rumors and speculative reports floating around the internet with the Crabtree/49er soap opera. Here are all of the possible scenarios as well as what we here at BASG are predicting as the finale of this saga.

Crabtree leaves the Bay Area
Crabtree was seen leaving the Bay Area, possibly for good this weekend. Only later, it was reported that Crabtree’s birthday was on Monday. So, he probably went home to Texas to spend it with his family and friends that have been so wisely advising him. Great, he really needs to spend more time with them.

Michael Crabtree thinks he’s a Raider?
Crabtree’s all confused about what team he’s really supposed to be on. He didn’t realize he was skipped over by the Raiders, and having been a Red Raider, it was just a natural transition from one Raider nation to the next. This should explain why Crabtree’s been getting so many late night messages from Al Davis too.

Mike Singletary doesn’t care about Crabtree
Singletary’s not happy about this ugly Crabtree situation. And it’s doubtful he’ll end up calling it ugly and beautiful. Here’s where he stands with Crabtree:

“Any questions that we have about Crabtree, that’s already been handled. He’s not here,” Singletary said. “Until he comes here, I don’t really want to talk about him. Nothing’s changed in my mind.”

Crabtree jealous of Beyonce
Why hasn’t Kanye jumped in to defend Crabtree? Crabtree feels that like Beyonce deserved the best female video award at the VMAs, he also deserves compensation for being the true #1 draft pick deep down in his heart. Why hasn’t Kanye come to interrupt one of Singletary’s press conferences? Crabtree is hurt — if Kanye won’t do it for him, then who will?

Brandon Jones inspired by Crabtree
According to Matt Maiocco, Brandon Jones is expected to be back in uniform this week and possibly practicing. He’s been out since August 6th due to a back injury suffered during training camp and was expected to miss most of September. But thanks to Crabtree’s inspirational attitude, his back has healed faster and he’s ready to get back on the field and show how much the 49ers really don’t need to sign Crabtree.

Draft Day is super fun
Draft Day is like the prom for Crabtree and he just can’t get enough! Only this time, he’s expecting to get named Prom King and there won’t be any Darrius Heyward-Bey there to steal his thunder!

49ers playing the Top – Crabtree the Bottom
After the 49ers upset the Cardinals in game one, they have shown that they are team that can win on the road and win with the team on their roster now. Those guys have been training and working hard all summer. They’re not just catching balls from a machine or looking to Trent Dilfer for advice. With this big win, the 49ers have gained an edge. Sorry Crabtree, you may just have to do what the 49ers want now. Can your ego take it?

BASG’s Prediction: The 49ers are reportedly lowering their contract offer by $200,000 for every game he misses, but don’t let that fool you. They’re upping their offer when it comes to guaranteed money to make the total $1 less than what the Packers are guaranteeing No. 9 pick B.J. Raji, and they’ll surely allow Crabtree to make up the money in incentives if he finally agrees to sign.

This is just a fierce round of negotiating by both teams, but both sides need to make this work. The 49ers are in danger of getting absolutely nothing from the tenth overall selection in the Draft, since there’s no way they’ll be able to trade the rights to the difficult WR after Week 10 (the first week they’re allowed to do so). Now known as a diva, unless Crabtree can pull off the off-season workout to end all off-season workouts at the next NFL Combine or somewhere else, there’s no way he’ll be drafted in the top 10 of next year’s NFL Draft. That means he’d be stuck subsisting off his Subway paychecks for another year unless he wants to finally give in and sign for his “slotted” amount.

To summarize: Both sides will compromise, and Crabtree will be on the team by Week 4.

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