I’ve noticed more and more people using Flip Cams or their phones to record video lately. Last year, I was the only one recording interviews before and after Giants games besides the TV station guys with their larger, much more expensive cameras. Now there are at least two or three people shooting video on little devices besides myself.

However, I’m talking about other media guys. At the end of today’s media session with Alex Smith (where he didn’t say a whole lot), Michael Crabtree walked up and started filming Smith with his white Galaxy S3. It makes sense that Crabtree would have a white phone, since his Twitter account is set to have all hashtags and links go white. It makes for a tough read:

This isn’t a blank tweet, but the only word I could click on was “#obama.”

Matt Maiocco and Cam Inman ran into each other trying to get in position to snap photos with their phones. Me, I filmed the scene  as per usual. Here’s the 15-second video:

Crabtree’s in the mood to have fun, and who can blame him? After an early calf injury that only kept him out for a few practices during the first week of training camp, Crabtree was a full participant in preseason games and training camp practices the rest of the way. While Randy Moss caught a touchdown and was the early story early on, in looking back at San Francisco’s 30-22 win over Green Bay it was Crabtree who had a larger overall impact.

With Moss, Mario Manningham and Vernon Davis drawing coverage, Crabtree had room to work and took advantage, with 76 yards on seven catches, four of which went for first downs. Crabtree looks poised to surpass his numbers from last season (72 receptions, 874 yards and 4 touchdowns), and Jim Harbaugh sounded impressed with Crabtree’s performance in Green Bay when he spoke on Monday:

“Michael Crabtree had some, just terrific catches. He is just a great example for young receivers. Hand catching the football, good as you’ll ever see. And in traffic he had some physical runs.”