Colin Kaepernick 49ers

Colin Kaepernick’s footwear courtesy of Michael Crabtree

I’ve got a couple short video clips to share from a short chat I had with Michael Crabtree, then today’s contest question.

We’ve seen it all year long, particularly now that Colin Kaepernick is the starter and targets Crabtree so often — the guy is nearly impossible for one man to bring down in the open field. I asked Crabtree if he feels unstoppable in those situations, and he said that not only has he always felt this way, but breaking tackles saves money.

“As a receiving corps, running backs, you get fined for one person tackling you,” Crabtree said. “Like man, ‘Listen bro, one person tackled you, you owe me two dollars. Nobody actually paid, that’s just how we think, you know?”

When Colin Kaepernick stepped to the podium today, being the sneakerhead I am I couldn’t help but notice the white Jordan V’s he was wearing. I remembered a photo Crabtree posted of he and his teammates with new Jordans and sweatsuits. I asked if Kaepernick’s Jordans were a present from Crabtree, and he responded by saying he gives the skill position guys Jordans and sweats all the time.

“I feel like we’re all together, and we need to look like it. With our Jordans and sweats on, we feel like a dream team,” he said.

I asked him if the offensive linemen get jealous.

“Yeah, man. They’re too big, bro,” Crabtree said. “They’re cool, they do their own little things. Go to dinners and don’t invite me. But let’s not talk about that right now, it’s all good.”

Amici’s Contest time!

I got to thinking about the o-line going to their own dinners, and I immediately thought about this week’s contest.

In case you haven’t heard, Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria is giving out two 20-person pizza parties for Super Bowl Sunday. People who comment on the contest posts (we’re running one per day until tomorrow, and picking two winners on Friday) are automatically entered to win.

Today’s question: How many pizzas could the 49ers’ offensive line eat in one sitting? 

This group has earned the right to be hungry; earlier today they won the “John Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award,” given yearly to the best offensive line in the NFL. And let’s not just keep this to the starters, either.

Jonathan Goodwin
Joe Looney
Daniel Kilgore
Leonard Davis
Joe Staley
Alex Boone
Anthony Davis
Mike Iupati

Wow. Just Leonard Davis alone could probably put away two pies himself. I’d say these guys could eat 10 pizzas as a group, and that may be underestimating things. What do you think?