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Michael Vick won’t get the Eagles out of the NFC

I’m going to set myself up for an angry comment from some troll living in Philadelphia, because that’s what happened last time I bashed anything Philly-related. But anyone who believes signing Michael Vick is a good idea for the Eagles — as if they’re the Patriots and Andy Reid is Bill Belichick — is delusional.

The Philadelphia Eagles are as close to Marv Levy’s Buffalo Bills as any team has come in the salary cap era, except for one thing: they’ve never been nearly as good. Sure, they’ve made quite a few NFC Championship Games, but the NFC has sucked for a decade now. C’mon, the Seahawks AND the Cardinals have made the Super Bowl in the past five years. And that Bears team that lost to the Colts, they were gross. Literally.

But back to the Eagles. There’s a lot of skill position talent on offense, for sure. However, there are several reasons to pause before anointing them the next 1998 Minnesota Vikings. Wasn’t Donovan McNabb on his way out of town last year? Sure, he’s got his payday, but it’s not like McNabb/Reid has historically been a combination that’s handled pressure well. Cheesesteaks, yes. Pressure, not so much.

Brian Westbrook is fading, and he’s backed up by a rookie (LaSean McCoy) and Lorenzo Booker. DeShawn Jackson has incredible skills and there’s a 5% chance he’ll make the leap this season, but we all know something just isn’t right upstairs. Name their tight end…I dare you.

I’m as interested in seeing Vick return a punt as I was when I was in seeing Mike Tyson fight Lennox Lewis. I wouldn’t dream of missing it, but I know chances are Vick is going to get his clock cleaned by some 23-year-old linebacker who’s been playing football and lifting weights for the last 15 years straight. The only way Vick will have an impact is if McNabb gets injured, but he wouldn’t be able to lead this flawed team through the playoffs, even in the NFC.

Who believes Reid can handle having Vick around, especially if he introduces his new quarterback to one of his sons? All the Eagles need is midseason is to have Vick and Reid’s sons get caught trafficking angeldust across state lines with Bam Morris, Nate Newton and Travis Henry.

I kid, but the Eagles haven’t had won an NFL Championship since 1960. Vick won’t keep that streak from hitting 50 years.

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