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Mike Leach isn’t a fan of the born-agains

The good-ol’ boys at Texas Tech are probably doing a boot-scoot boogie over the Mike Leach videos that bestowed to the world this morning, uncensored videos that show the recently-canned coach giving his players hell in the locker room. Leach hits a variety of subjects, not least of which what seems to annoy him the most, those “God squad guys.”

After calling out the players’ “fat little girlfriends” in the past, these videos should amuse, but they’re hardly shocking. And with Leach suing Texas Tech for wrongful termination, videos like this might not be what the ex-coach of the Red Raiders wants the entire world to see. Leach is an intense guy. There’s a lot of swearing in these two videos, and Leach tells the players that their “living situations are going to change,” and pokes fun at those religious players who live by “the book.” But if this country has become so P.C. that Division I football coaches, in the state of Texas no less, can offend people with a curse-filled postgame speech, we’re going to hell in a cute little pink handbag.

As for me, Leach has now become my favorite coach to listen to. Forget, “I’m a man, I’m 40.” You have to go through a lot of whiny garbage to get to that quote. Everything Leach says, to me anyway, is hilarious. His team did rest on what Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree did, leading to a disappointing season in 2009. And he wasn’t saying his God-squadders couldn’t pray, just that he hoped they were paying as much attention to football as they were to their on-field prayers. If the Raiders had any brains at all they’d immediately fire Tom Cable, replace him with Leach and slide right into what would be the most anticipated seasons of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” ever.

Finally, some Bay Area News Group controversy that doesn’t involve Tim “that’s not true” Kawakami

– Poor Raj Mathai. The erstwhile (and well-gelled) sports anchor fell for CC Times scribe Gary Peterson’s joke about JaMarcus Russell being in “treatment for lethargy addiction” and SPORTSbyBROOKS was right there to post the video evidence. I was confused by Peterson’s column from the first time I heard about it on F.P. Santangelo’s show. You see, I’m from Humboldt County, more people are getting treated for “methargy.” Being lazy, slovenly and overweight aren’t really seen as bad or abnormal characteristics up there. At least not bad enough to necessitate rehab.

Adios, Shaun Hill. Sorry it had to be you, but if the 49ers kept your duck-throwing behind and dropped Nate Davis, everyone would swarm in front of the team’s Santa Clara headquarters, burning their Cody Pickett, Ken Dorsey and Tim Rattay jerseys in anger.

– Have to say I’m a little nervous about the Giants’ hot start to Spring Training (their record went to 8-2 after today’s game, which they won 9-2, concludes). It always seems like the teams that dominate either the Cactus or Grapefruit League end up starting the season 4-15 or something.

– Another person who should be nervous about his chances of becoming arbitration-eligible ASAP: Madison Bumgarner, after Todd Wellemeyer’s start today: 4 innings, 0 ER, 2 hits allowed.

– But with MadBum’s fastball reminding us of Kirk Reuter lately, the fearless leader of McCovey Chronicles hopes the Giants are “leaning toward Todd Wellemeyer, Joe Martinez, or Steven Johnson.”

– Shockingly (sarcasm implied), Mychael Urban doesn’t agree with the tone being set today at McC. In Urban’s MLB Mailbag, he had this to say about MaddyMaddyBumBum: “So everyone needs to relax about Madison. His stuff is good enough, and his command sharp enough, that he’d be successful at 87-88 mph, anyway — he’s never been a pure power pitcher. But he’ll be back in the low 90s by the end of camp, and all of this negativity will seem like exactly what it is: spring training filler for the glass-half-empty set.”

– I wonder if McCovey Chronicles will change the site’s name to “Glass-Half-Empty Chronicles.” I have to say, at least it’s a more apt description of Grant Brisbee’s community than “lunatic fringe.” Could use more Star Trek references, though

– My thoughts on Bumgarner? (What do you mean, “I didn’t ask?”) If the 20-year-old can still get guys out with his noodle-arm, great. Is velocity overrated? Certainly. However, the fear Giants fans have about Bumgarner’s not-getting-any-faster fastball is that after Freddy Sanchez received two, um, inaccurate clean bills of health from the Giants’ training staff over a very expensive 5-month span, nobody’s ready to just take what the organization says at face value and figure everything’s going to be OK.

– Put it this way: if Tim Alderson’s Major League career comes even close to Bumgarner’s, Sabean will never, ever, ever hear the end of it. Especially if Freddy’s as fragile as Brandan Wright over the next couple years.

– Speaking of the team without a training staff, the Warriors absolutely have to win tomorrow at home against Toronto. Screw Nellie’s record, this is just so their losing streak (currently at 6 games) doesn’t stretch to 14. After Toronto, the Warriors play the Lakers, the Hornets (OK, they COULD win this game), @San Antonio, @Memphis, then at home against Phoenix, Memphis and Dallas.

– The Dubs have the 3rd-worst record in the league, but only the 8th-worst scoring differential (-4.00 pg). Fitz would say this is because the Warriors are a “scrappy team that never quits.” I’d say it shows that the Warriors are a semi-talented team that has absolutely no idea what they’re doing in the 4th quarter. They’re like an NBA Summer League team that decided to play an entire regular season, or an AAU team coached by J.R. Smith.

– When you have such a vast number of things to blame for the Warriors’ suckage this year (injuries, Don Nelson, salary-dumps, etc.), some reasons slip by the wayside. Like how in 7 fewer games with the Warriors, Anthony Tolliver has more 100 more points and has made 40 more free-throws than Andris Biedrins, and 98 more points, 6 more rebounds and 14 more made FTs than Ronny Turiaf (both Turiaf and Biedrins have played in 33 games this year, compared to 26 games for Tolliver since joining the Warriors). Tough to have that kind of center production on a team that doesn’t even have a real power forward.

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