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Mondays with Gary

One great thing about working my day job from Tuesday through Saturday is that I get to watch all the most important sports on Sunday, then hear Monday’s reaction on KNBR.

Another bonus today was that Gary Radnich was back for the first time in what seemed like months (probably closer

to two weeks). Nothing against Dave Fleming or Mychael Urban, who’s actually my favorite fill-in host but Gary’s the king.

Today’s highlight from nine to noon was when Gary brought up new USF coach Eddie (or Ed, as Gary kept calling him) Sutton and said if he got the two wins needed to bring his all-time college win total to 800, he would take the players out drinking to celebrate. That was followed by producer Patrick Connor uncomfortably laughing and saying that Sutton has been trying to stay sober, which immediately led to Gary going into full backpedal mode.

This Layman Likes Damon
Another note that was discussed several times was the Warriors possibly signing 39-year-old Gary Payton to back up Baron Davis. That would have been a great idea, about five years ago. He isn’t fast enough to run with the W’s anymore, and didn’t contribute much of anything last year for Miami (5.3 points and 3.0 assists per game in 2006-07).

I think a better option would be Damon Stoudamire. He was recently placed on the inactive list by the Memphis Grizzlies, who have a ton of young point guards who need to get run and a poor record that negates the need for a veteran point guard.

Of course, Payton is sitting at home right now so he’d be cheaper to obtain, while Stoudamire is still technically property of the Grizzlies. I can’t imagine it would take that much to get Stoudamire though, and
he is not only five years younger than Payton, but he’s actually played this year.

Also, his middle name is Lamon.

That’s right, Damon Lamon Stoudamire. I wonder if his middle name rhymes with his first name, or if the accent is on the second syllable like with Bacardi “Limon.”

“60 Minutes” is still a show?
Didn’t catch Roger Clemens on “60 Minutes” last night, not surprising since I haven’t watched “60 Minutes” in about 15 years. Apparently he denied taking steroids, then sued his old trainer, Brian McNamee, for defamation today. This lawsuit sure smells like something that’ll get dropped in the next few months, probably on a Friday so it gets swept under the media rug over the ensuing weekend. Hey, I just used the word “ensuing” without following it by the word “kickoff,” something I had thought was impossible.

Professor Al Davis

What is going on with the Raiders? Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is staying, he’s going, he’s staying…I was one of those who questioned how good Oakland’s defense was last year, seeing as they had such an impotent offense (as bad as this year’s Niners, if that is possible) that opposing offenses ran the most conservative gameplans possible against them.

Also, did you know Lane Kiffin only signed a two-year contract before this past season, so next year could be his last with the Raiders? Kiffin is supposedly meeting with Al Davis this week to discuss things, which has got to be sort of like going to a professor in his 43rd year during his office hours to try to negotiate a higher grade. The professor doesn’t grade papers or tests anymore, and has a T.A. actually giving the lectures, and when you talk to him about your grade he thinks you’re a student he had 30 years ago. I hope the king of white polyester will extend Kiffin’s contract, but if I were Lane I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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