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More Giants Media Day videos: Tim Lincecum and Freddy Sanchez

Sometimes in sports it’s best to do all the dirty work, and sometimes it’s better to be like Kobe Bryant and stay by your own basket and cherry-pick every now and again. And since I didn’t get any 1-on-1 time with Tim Lincecum or Freddy Sanchez (I didn’t even see Matt Cain because I was talking to Nate Schierholtz and Darren Ford for so long), here’s a couple videos with the pertinent info y’all need.

Sanchez was the first guy that had a full media swarm take place around him, because he recently had shoulder surgery (perhaps that’s why Mark DeRosa was one of the minority of Giants players who didn’t attend Media Day). What Sanchez said might not surprise you, but it sure did surprise me. Apparently all that talk about Sanchez trying his hardest to get ready by Opening Day was overblown, as he says he’s only going to miss a week or so of Spring Training.

Check out his description of the surgery, which was a similar procedure to what Brett Favre went through (Henry Schulman didn’t ask the follow-up question I was looking for — whether Freddy would fake-retire after the season or whether the surgery has given him the urge to start texting the Giants’ massage therapists). You may need to turn up the volume a little on both of these videos, there was a little background noise that the Flip Cam struggled to ignore:

No hard news from the Freaky scarf-sporting, ponytail-having, suspender-wearing Franchise; only the frivolous stuff this time.

I’ve seen Lincecum interviewed on two occasions, the first at a MLB 2K9 event in Novato. One thing I’ve noticed is that when he gets questions he thinks are lame, he kind of responds like a teenager when his friend’s dad asks him why he wears his hat backwards. That said, there’s some great mustache talk here, along with learning how to tie a bow tie on YouTube. Sorry about the abrupt ending, I forgot that I pressed “stop” when I made an impulse judgment that the questioning was starting to get mundane.

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